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second harvest



My poor garden has been so neglected.  I’ve noticed that there are still things growing out there and decided to investigate.  These are only a few of the peppers growing out in the garden.  I left some out there to get a little bigger.  I told Hubby that I felt a little more motivated to get out there and clean things up.  It is terribly overgrown, but many of the plants look healthy.

I can’t wait to stuff these and cook them for dinner!

we’re growing!


I was thinking today about where we started.  With the garden, that is.  We planted our veggies around the end of March.  They were puny little things.  It is now the end of May.  I have faithfully watered every morning and things are greening up thanks to the rain last week.

The deer have enjoyed our tomato plants and morning glories but we are working on a plan to keep them away.  Those are our tomato plants in the very back of the picture.  Our family has enjoyed cream cheese/bacon/jalapeno poppers and sauteed zucchini and squash.  I’m still waiting for the cucumbers to take off but I think we’re off to a good start!

>it’s one of my favorite times of the year…



Sensing a theme with the latest photo posts?? What’s planted here, you ask?
green peppers
orange peppers
red peppers
jalapeno peppers
and for a little color and whimsy… marigolds and morning glories
and because SuperGirl wouldn’t leave me alone… sunflowers… GIANT sunflowers
In the garden behind this one are the tomatoes… big ones and cherry tomatoes, too!
I can’t wait to tackle the beds by the house! Roses, herbs, and who knows what else will go in there!

>10 on tuesday



Signs of spring…

Blue jays.  Our little cardinal family is back, too.


Knockout roses are going bonkers.


Geraniums, big and beautiful.


The birdbath is cleaned up and ready for bathers.


Hummingbird feeders are up and we’ve spotted a few hummers.

Sep 15 2009_3883

Spelling lists are being written on the front sidewalk instead of paper.


C has been over to play ball and help water the garden.

Mar 11 2010_4864 

Got a new hose hanger.


Twix is up to her nasty “treat” gathering.  (I’ll spare you the photo for this one and instead post a picture of a live, healthy bunny.)

Mar 05 2010_5027

Watering the garden every morning and looking for signs of growth.

Mar 14 2010_4826

>veggie garden is in


> Hours of weeding.

Weeks of watering.

Trips to four different stores for plants.

Raking and more weed pulling.

8 muddy, dirty hands planting.

And one garden gnome keeping a watchful eye.

Hopefully this year’s garden will be fruitful AND pretty to look at.

We planted:
Cherry tomatoes
Green peppers
Patty pan/button squash
Spring has sprung!!