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thank you, Jesus…


There’s something about the Lord’s Supper…

Jesus.  The cross.  The blood.  The body.  Remembering the sacrifice.

And my debt.

Forgiveness.  Mercy.  Grace.  Thankfulness.

It fills my heart as I stop and remember the meaning of the Lord’s Supper.

I watched the deacons of our church move quietly among the people of the church.

Quiet.  Strong.  Selfless men.  Servants.  Serving their church.

It reminds me of the disciples and what it must have been like when they served alongside Jesus… passing bread and fish perhaps…

I passed the plates, taking the bread and the juice.  And looking over to see little fingers reaching up, too.  Blessings.  Even in my sin He loved me.  He called me.  And He has called my children, too.

My  heart is full.  I remember.  I am humbled.

Thank you, Jesus.


change in my perspective…


My mood lately has been, well, less than desirable.  Grumpy, moody, selfish, and needy would describe my spirit for the past few days.  Usually I can put the feelings aside and function but life just seems to really be getting me down these days.  All I want to do is hide from the world!

This morning I slept in and it felt great.  I was thinking much of my problem was unrestful sleep.  But when I woke up, Hubs was gone to work – on a Saturday.  At least he had texted me to let me know where he was and that he wouldn’t be long.

Fast forward about two hours and the phone rang.  Hubs was still on the job.  Lots going on and they really needed him.  I NEEDED HIM.  That’s all that kept playing in my mind.  It was another hour or so before he came home and by then I was Mrs. Grumpy Pants.

This attitude spilled over into everything… talking to the kids, managing the kids, doing my own chores, even making a meal for a friend in need.  Nothing felt good and I was headed to a good, messy, nasty cry.  But just when I thought I was going to need to find a corner and bawl my eyes out I sensed God nudging me.

I was in the middle of preparing a meal to deliver to a friend.  I was actually peeling and slicing apples when I started to think about the friend I was preparing the meal for.  She has had a lot of health problems lately and she just had surgery.  God so nicely pointed out that I am very healthy.  My family is healthy.  Making a meal for my friend is a privilege, not a burden, because I have been blessed with a healthy body.

It was here that God directed my heart to two very special people in my life who are in the midst of the uncertainty of being out of work.  Who am I to be grumpy about my husband working on a Saturday?  Sure, he works a lot of hours but his business is thriving and he has a job that provides for our family.

Wow, what a selfish little Mrs. Grumpy Pants I was being today!  I’m so thankful for God’s nudging and direction in the midst of a very selfish morning.  Praying for my friends and their needs really got my focus off of me and back where it needed to be, on the Lord and what He wanted me to do today.  The meal was delivered with a smile and dinner was served to my husband and family with a smile and a grateful heart.  I guess all I needed was a better perspective!

>taking the {high school} by storm…



Well, first week of school was almost over and Summer came home to tell us about her biology class that week.  She was told by her biology teacher that you can’t study unicorns, fairies, OR God. Summer respectfully raised her hand and told the teacher that you CAN study God!! The teacher said that that was her (Summer’s) opinion.  She said that she wanted to say something back but left it at that.  If that kid is picked on for the rest of the year because of that then I’m okay with it! Her dad and I are just so happy that she stood up for what she knows is right.

This past week was the LifeBook saturation.  The youth department at our church has been gearing up for this for some time.  They started the week off with a rally and sent hundreds of students off ready to spread the Good News to their schools.  LifeBooks were handed out at eight area high schools.  Summer is the only freshman from her school at our church so she felt the pressure to get as many LifeBooks out as possible, especially to her class.  She was enthusiastic and not afraid at all about the task.  The first day was a little discouraging for her as several people would not accept the book.  But as the week went on, she was able to give out many of the books and saw a lot of students reading them during lunch, before class started, and during breaks.  We were so proud of all of our students for standing up for their faith and putting the Word of God into the hands of as many students as possible that week.  What a blessing it was to see her live out Romans 1:16…

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes!”

>thursday 13 – changes



Since I’m not a fan of change, I thought it would be fun to sit down and write about some changes that are going on in our family and how change = good.

1. We are homeowners again. (That’s not really new news, but it’s a change.)  It feels good. My mind is going crazy with things to change around here now that the house is “ours.” I started by buying two trees and a storm door.  Next on the list is paint and new flooring.

2. Summer is starting high school in five days. Wow. Feels a little weird saying that but we all know it’s where she should be and we are all excited about it.

3. SuperGirl is going to school in five days, too. Three words: I.CAN’T.WAIT.  I know that sounds bad. I’m just ready to be her momma and leave the teaching to someone else. This does not mean that I am without anxiety about the change, but I am excited for her. And me, too.

4. I joined a Bible study. It’s only been five years since I’ve been in one. 

5. We changed from watching only TV we get with an antenna to Dish Network.  I love this change.

6. I made a choice to finally do something about my eating habits and the change has been good.  Losing 10 lbs. makes that change even better!

7. I changed from using the fancy, fattening creamers to sugar free syrup and half and half.  It took a while to get used to but it sure helped with #6.  And, I’m not drinking as much coffee.

8. I changed my family organizing calendar from Microsoft Outlook to Cozi.  When I made the switch, it ate some of my appointments in Outlook, so I’m thinking this change may be permanent.  (Of course, if I’d followed the instructions that said to back up my Outlook file first, this wouldn’t have happened… Some things never change.)  What I like about Cozi is that we can all log on to the calendar and view the whole family’s activities or just one person.  It also has a Google sidebar gadget and an app for the iPhone.  So far, so good.

9. In changing from Outlook, I changed the way I view and check my e-mail.  I haven’t quite worked out all the kinks on the system of checking it on the Verizon site, but I’ll figure it out eventually in a way that makes sense for me.  I hope.  In the meantime, if you e-mail me and I don’t answer, it’s just because the message went into a folder somewhere and, well, the change and I haven’t made friends yet. 

10. My bedtime.  The kids aren’t exactly cooperating with going to bed on time and getting up early so come Monday morning, their little systems are in for a shock.  I, on the other hand, will be ready.  Maybe. At least I am trying by going to bed earlier and getting up earlier.  If you know me at all, you know this change is tough!

11. Our Sunday school class is currently studying Ephesians 5… we have a wonderful couple leading the series.  This isn’t the first time we’ve studied these verses, but it is a great reminder that sometimes I need to change the way I go about loving my husband. 

12. And some things I need to work on changing are being more outgoing and meeting new people and thinking too much about what teachers think of this home school mom who has put two children in public school.

13. I want to change my living room.  But I need help.  Professional help.

>much rejoicing




March 11, after weeks of asking, talking, and praying, SuperGirl asked Jesus into her heart.  You’d think that after going through this with our other girls that it would be old hat and easy.  But like most things, SuperGirl doesn’t do things the way her sisters did.  And I love that about her.  We learned later, after meeting with Brother Chris, that she’d been thinking about this since Pickles asked Jesus into her heart almost two years ago.  I had no idea.  The first that she mentioned it to me was 2/18.  She’d been watching her school videos when she came to me and said, “Mom, can I ask you something?”

Now, she asks me this same question about 48 times a day.  And usually I tell her “just a minute” or “in a little bit” or “no” because it is usually a stall tactic.  She’s a crafty one.  This time I said yes and what came out of her mouth floored me. 

“I think I want to ask Jesus into my heart.”  Whoa. I wasn’t expecting that.  So I asked her about it and she was very vague about her reasons.  I asked her if we could talk to her dad later and she said sure.  A little while later, she came to me again and said, “Mom, Jesus is knocking on my heart and wants to come in.”  Whoa. Where did that come from?  So I asked her and she explained that her teacher (video school) was talking to the class that morning about becoming a Christian and how Jesus wants to come into our hearts… he’s knocking on the door of the heart!

We talked a little bit that night and asked her if she’d like to go see Brother Chris.  She was willing, which told me she was serious.  So a few weeks later, we had our appointment with the pastor and she was given an assignment… to learn the Wordless Book and come back in a week to teach it to Brother Chris.  SuperGirl and I worked on it all week, telling it to each other, her sisters, the pets, her dolls, anyone who would listen.  And the following week we all went back to the church to talk. 

Brother Chris really felt she had all the concepts down and knew exactly what she was asking to do.  He told us to wait until she brought it up again and go ahead.  The very next night, she came to us and asked if she could ask Jesus into her heart.  She wanted ALL of us there so we brought Pickles and Summer into the room, too.  We prayed, and for the first time, she got emotional about it.  She knew the reasons and the importance of her decision and that was what we were looking for. 

The next morning, she woke up and said to me, “I feel so happy today!”  Jesus had cleaned up that little heart of hers and made her a new creation.  I told her that she wasn’t the only happy one… that her Heavenly Father and his angels were pretty excited, too!

Luke 15:10 ~ “In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents."

The very next Sunday, she went before the church to tell them about her decision and to officially join the church.  Her baptism was scheduled and today we celebrated with her as she was baptized.  That girl was excited.  While we were waiting to go in, she was very quiet, which is very unlike her.  I really wonder what was going on in that little head of hers!  As soon as we came out to go into the church, SuperGirl was greeted by these very sweet girls who grabbed her and hugged her and shared a truckload of excitement and love over her decision.  We are so, so very blessed that we have such a wonderful family, and church family, too.  My heart was full… what a very special day it has been! 


>Project Dance



Our dance studio took part in a dance weekend called Project Dance.  It’s a weekend where  Christian dancers and dance companies come together in a public setting to dance and minister to those in a specific city.  Since we are close to Houston, that’s where we went.  The opening day of the weekend it was beautiful.  The sun was shining and it was warm and balmy.  The next morning, however, it was raining cats and dogs and the wind was from the north, cold and gusty.  To say we were miserable is an understatement.  There weren’t many people just hanging out in downtown Houston that day so the audience was mostly parents and siblings who were bundled up in coats, ponchos, blankets, and under umbrellas while the dancers moved about in their costumes (and ponchos and rain boots).  The first thing the dancers did was learn a “group dance” that they would perform every hour on the hour.  The song they danced to was called, “I am not Forgotten.”  It was the perfect song for this kind of thing… the words say, “I am not forgotten, God knows my name.”  And it’s catchy.  It was fun to see folks who were not “the dancers” join in the dancing. 

  DSC_2036 DSC_2062

Even though it was bitter cold, the girls all seemed to enjoy themselves.  There were smiles everywhere (although teeth were chattering, too!).  Having a REASON for their dancing and dancing for their Lord and His glory made the day fun and a blessing to those who were there watching.

DSC_2042 DSC_2051

Summer’s dance group had many opportunities to dance throughout the day.  They did some lyrical, some hip-hop, but it was all fun to watch.  There were folks there from Dance Revolution, as well as others doing ballet, jazz, theater, contemporary, and worship dances.  There was something for everyone!  I only wish the weather had been nicer and more folks would have been out to enjoy the “entertainment” and ultimately be blessed by the hearts of all of these dancers.  I know I was blessed!  Cold, but blessed!

 DSC_2072 DSC_2086 DSC_2122 DSC_2160 DSC_2163 DSC_2188 DSC_2198 DSC_2255DSC_2229DSC_2222