>my little flower garden


>Here’s the finished garden. The girls and I got all the plants in the ground and even had a little fun doing it! I remembered there were some bulbs in a pot in the mess of weeds in the front of the house so we decided to throw those in the corner of the flower bed with some flower seeds just to see what we come up with. Who knows what this will end up looking like!! I am hoping that it will all grow full and lush and up to just below the window.

And yes, that is a bird feeder there. Hubby thinks I’m crazy because the seeds will fall into the flower garden and grow strange wheat-like weeds that I’ll just have to pull up. But the cardinals and birds that live in our trees know that little feeder is there and I hate to disappoint them. Besides, Twix likes the feeder there, too.

Here’s a closer picture of some of the flowers… gerbera daisies, shasta daisies, verbena, alyssum, lavender, and a couple others that I can’t recall right now. I love, love, love gerbera daisies. They are great for cutting and bringing inside. They last a long time after cutting. And they bloom like crazy. I also picked up a basket of tulips on clearance for $3.99. They were ready to be cut so I have two vases with purple tulips right now. I have instructions on what to do with the bulbs. We’ll see what I manage to do with those. I’ve never dug up and saved bulbs before! (I’ve just left them in the bucket in the front weed bed.)

Hopefully in a couple of weeks, my little flower garden will be fuller and more colorful. I’ll post pics when it looks good!


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