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following dreams…



It’s good to have dreams.

Even if they take a long time to be realized.

Especially when they’ve been put off because of such wonderful things…

Like raising three incredible, smart, beautiful, sweet daughters.

And homeschooling those same kids.

And working with your husband on his dream.

I’m not very good on follow through.  But this dream has stuck with me for a long, long time.

I originally thought I would pursue nursing school about 15 years ago.  But the time wasn’t quite right.

I’ve spent the past year getting classes in and tests taken to prepare for today…

The actual application.

I walked it in.  Leaving the delivery of this envelope was not going to be left to the US Postmaster.

With a prayer and a smile, I’ve applied to nursing school.



I found these post-it tabs a while back in a fun little store in Houston.  They’ve been sitting here unused ever since.  I guess I thought they were just too cute and fun to actually use.  I have a bad habit of doing that… I found the perfect use for them yesterday.

We have gotten a number of catalogs in the mail over the past week and they are all advertising backpacks and lunch boxes.  I last bought these items for the kids two years ago and told the girls they had to make them last two years.  They’ve done a great job.  I thought it would be fun to give them the catalogs and tabs and see what they would come up with.  Mind you, we each only need ONE backpack.

This is what I received back…

Do you see the number of tabs they used?  This is MOSTLY Supergirl.  Pickles had her share.  Summer didn’t even look.  I think we might need to go through the catalogs again and whittle down our choices, don’t you think?

pick one. just ONE.

>taking the {high school} by storm…



Well, first week of school was almost over and Summer came home to tell us about her biology class that week.  She was told by her biology teacher that you can’t study unicorns, fairies, OR God. Summer respectfully raised her hand and told the teacher that you CAN study God!! The teacher said that that was her (Summer’s) opinion.  She said that she wanted to say something back but left it at that.  If that kid is picked on for the rest of the year because of that then I’m okay with it! Her dad and I are just so happy that she stood up for what she knows is right.

This past week was the LifeBook saturation.  The youth department at our church has been gearing up for this for some time.  They started the week off with a rally and sent hundreds of students off ready to spread the Good News to their schools.  LifeBooks were handed out at eight area high schools.  Summer is the only freshman from her school at our church so she felt the pressure to get as many LifeBooks out as possible, especially to her class.  She was enthusiastic and not afraid at all about the task.  The first day was a little discouraging for her as several people would not accept the book.  But as the week went on, she was able to give out many of the books and saw a lot of students reading them during lunch, before class started, and during breaks.  We were so proud of all of our students for standing up for their faith and putting the Word of God into the hands of as many students as possible that week.  What a blessing it was to see her live out Romans 1:16…

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes!”

>things SuperGirl talked about the first week of {school} and a few other thoughts…



The first day of school she wore leggings and a cute little shirt.  When we picked her up that afternoon she asked if she could wear short pants the following day because it was really hot waiting outside to be picked up at the end of the day.  And then she turned around and asked if she was allowed to bring a sweater to school.  Apparently it is freezing in the cafeteria! 

When putting her to bed Monday night she asked, “Momma, will you walk me in again tomorrow?”  She has had a hard time missing me during the day.  Breaks my ever-loving heart…  Mrs. J has noticed her looking sad and when asked she says, “I just miss my Mom.” 

SuperGirl made two friends this week, Raven and Skyler.  They noticed she was trembling in class (nerves) and asked if she was okay.  I think they’ll look out for her.

Tuesday morning she came out wearing lipstick… so she’d look pretty for school.

That night when putting her to bed she told me, “I really missed you today.  I feel like I’m crying on the inside.” 

By Thursday the class was into their routines and she told me she was going to tutoring the following day.  We knew she would need some extra help getting acclimated to how they do things and writing faster, reading faster/better, and just figuring out the new setting in general.  It was at this time that she told me there was a girl making fun of her for writing and doing everything slow.  I wanted to go wring that little girl’s neck but assured SuperGirl that she would speed up as time went on and to not worry about other people. 

Friday morning I was thrilled to see her smile as she got out of the car.  She spotted a friend and they walked in to the school together.

I cried almost every morning this week.  Summer was with me every morning as I dropped off SuperGirl so I would keep it together until I left the high school.  Both of these girls have made me so proud this week.  They are smart, beautiful, brave, strong girls… I hope they realize that!  It’s just so obvious that they are growing up so fast and time is so fleeting… it’s really been in my face this week.  I’ve been on my knees praying for them… for so many things… emotionally I’m drained.  But I’m also at peace knowing we’ve made the right decision for them and they are right where they need to be.

>first day of {high school}




This girl went off to school like she’s done it her whole life.  I guess spending the previous summer practicing with the drill team and hanging out at the school helped her feel much more comfortable about going to school.  I felt much better about sending this one off… she’s a tough cookie, no nonsense, good sense of right and wrong.  And I couldn’t wait to see how she tackled high school. 

>first day of {school}



So the big day arrived.  Everyone got up early and excited.  The first thing SuperGirl said to me was, "Mom, my alarm went off and it’s still dark outside. Should we wait to get up?"  Cute kid.  She has no idea.  I assured her that waiting was not in the cards for us and getting up before the sun was our new reality.  I think that hurt me way more than it did her!  Hubby made pancakes for breakfast.  And we all loaded up in the car to take SuperGirl to school.  She was all dressed up in her new outfit and carrying her new backpack and lunchbox.  Of course we stopped on the front walk to take a picture!


Once we got to the school she got pretty quiet.  She slowly grabbed my hand, which is a sure indicator that she is unsure and nervous.  We walked a little slower, all the way to the back of the school where her class is located.  Mrs. J met us at the door and I tried my hardest to give my girl a big smile and hug before sending her in.  She made it in and I had to hide.  The tears and the ugly cry were all too close to the surface.  Hubby took the camera and walked in to take her picture at her desk.  Mrs. J assured me she would take care of my sweet baby as I told her I really thought I wouldn’t cry like that!!  Summer and Pickles left the hallway.  I guess I was too embarrassing for them. 


We left the school and drove Summer to the high school.  She walked right in, hardly looking back.  All I knew was, I couldn’t wait to get to the end of the day and get my babes back home!  Hubby came home and we went to pick up SuperGirl… waiting in the car riders line was a new experience but we had a few minutes together which was nice.  When we got home, I made SuperGirl chocolate chip cookies.  She asked if I would do it again tomorrow… I assured her I would bake cookies every afternoon if that’s what she wanted!  It didn’t take long for her to get sleepy so she took a little rest before heading out to play with the neighbor.  Later that afternoon she came in and asked if she could make a card for her teacher. It says, "I love you, Mrs. Jordan." I guess today was a-ok in her book…

>meet the TEACHER



Wow.  Tonight was harder than I thought it would be.  And then again, it wasn’t that bad.  I really like SuperGirl’s homeroom teacher.  She’ll have three teachers this year and from what I hear they are all wonderful ladies.  But I am really glad SuperGirl landed in Mrs. J’s class.  I am hoping she will really help SuperGirl along with her transition from schooling at home to public school.  I’m hoping she helps me a little, too.

When we got to the school, I was fine.  (I’d driven by a little earlier and wasn’t fine!)  I think having Hubby there with me helped.  But as soon as I walked in the door, I felt a rush of emotions… then I saw my neighbor who was so surprised to see me… and she hugged me and asked how I was… and I nearly lost it.  I kept thinking that if it was this bad tonight, what would Monday look like? 

SuperGirl met her teacher and picked out a place to sit in the classroom.  She was very, very quiet which is very unusual for her.  She even kept her head down and her little cheeks were red.  It was really cute.  We took her around to meet the other third grade teachers and she was very quiet with them, too.  She didn’t miss a thing, though.  She carried her folder around and took note of where the bathrooms and library were. 

We go to church with several teachers at the school so we stopped in their rooms to say hello and let them know our SuperGirl was there, too.  After making our way through the school, we headed off to the cafeteria to pick up her school shirt, join the PTO, volunteer for stuff, pay for lunches, and order a school hoodie.  I think we’re all set. 

SuperGirl was most excited about the menu calendar she received.  She read it the whole way home, thinking about which days she would buy her lunch instead of bringing it from home.  She is going to have so much fun…  I can’t wait to see where this year takes her!

The real question is, how will I survive Monday?