>kid farmers


> This year, the kids are going to plant and care for their own garden. I found this really fun garden plan on the Better Homes and Gardens website. They have quite a few plans that are great for a starting point. Their garden will be small and manageable, fun to look at, and will actually have some edible vegetables, too (we hope!).

We gathered seeds from Home Depot and burpee.com. We also got a fun little seed starter tray/greenhouse kit. The seeds from Burpee were more expensive than what we paid in the store, but we had specific things we needed for this garden. There will be Jack-Be-Little pumpkins, Mini-Boo pumpkins, mammoth sunflowers, Queen Sophia marigolds, morning glories, sun gold tomatoes, and sparkler radishes. There will even be strawberries!!

Yesterday, the mailman came and brought our Burpee order. That was all we needed to get everything out and start planting! First we had to prepare our “soil.” This dirt was small pellets that we had to water so they would expand. Don’t they look gross? They smelled pretty icky, too.

Next, we planted seeds and labeled each section. This was fun, except when one of the sowers kept knocking dirt on the kitchen floor.

Next, we covered the tray with its little greenhouse cover, found it a warm spot out of direct sunlight, and left our little seeds to do their thing. When we checked on them this evening, a few of the seeds had already sprouted! We can’t wait to get these plants in the ground, but they need some time here to get started and the Big Farmer has to make the girls a place to set up the garden. Stay tuned…

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