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Page 113 Rolls


So apparently we aren’t going to have a winter… but I want to make soup!  And fresh bread!

But there is a small problem.  I’ve never been good at the bread thing.

Except for when I use my bread machine.  Or bake those frozen dough rolls.

Which aren’t bad, by the way.

Y’all.  I have this friend.  She makes REALLY GOOD GREAT rolls.  There’s a recipe she has used FOR YEARS.  She calls them the “Page 113 Rolls” because the recipe is on page 113 of a recipe book our church did once.

Today I wanted to have fresh bread for my family with dinner.  But not the frozen roll kind.  So I pulled up her recipe and talked myself into making the rolls.

Thing is, I’m so bad with the dough thing that I’m starting to think maybe I have a dough-disability.  Gathering the ingredients, I could just smell the dough baking in my oven… the possibilities of a true homemade dinner for my family swam in my head.  Fear nagged at me… or was it the yeast?

After mixing the dough I took a look and was completely deflated.  My dough looked…


I shot off a quick message to my friend…

i am a page 113 failure. i need lessons.

I was not so quick to give up though, so I waited until the dough “doubled in size” and took another look.  While it still didn’t look quite right, I decided to move forward.  Over the next thirty minutes the mess on my counter was… epic.

There was no blood… or sweat… but there were some tears… and possibly some yelling… and I might have even called my mother and told her that she failed me by not teaching me to make bread.  When all else fails, blame your mom, right?

Well, momma… I take it back.

And to my sweet friend… I’m serious about the lessons.  Oh, and can you teach me to make pie crust, too?


more on the s’meeps


We had so much fun delivering s’meeps to our teachers and neighbors this week that we decided to try them out ourselves.  You’re never too old to enjoy a s’more, so why not try out a s’meep???  First we got all organized… half a graham cracker with a piece of Hershey’s chocolate and a PEEP.  We chose pink and blue… but there were yellow, green, purple, and orange PEEPS in the store, too.

Then one by one we put the PEEPS in the microwave…

And watched closely as they spun on the turntable for 10-15 seconds.

We found that 15 seconds was optimum time for our microwave.  The PEEPS got super puffy but didn’t explode or anything.  Who wants to clean up exploded PEEPS in the microwave?  Not me!

After sufficient puffing in the microwave, remove the PEEP and cover with the remaining half of the graham cracker.  Be sure you smash it good but be careful… the chocolate is super gooey!


I don’t know what it was… maybe the pink sugar on the PEEP… but this was really good!

>my.get.together CHEX!



I’ve been blog stalking for a while now… all sorts of blogs… people I know… people I don’t know… people I sort of know… home decorators… ranchers… homeschoolers… bakers… and couponers!  A few weeks ago I was on The Coupon Goddess’s blog.  She was talking about a program done through General Mills called My Get Together.  You sign up, answer a few questions, and they send you a box full of goodies and coupons to share!  I thought that sounded fun so I signed up and waited for the box to arrive.

Our box came with a Chex bowl, three bags of Chex Mix, plates, napkins, and a BUNCH of coupons.  This cute little guy didn’t come with the box or I would have signed up twice!


With the holidays fast approaching, I wasn’t sure we would be able to schedule a party at home to share the fun.  So knowing we would be spending Thanksgiving with family and there would just happen to be a major football game on the television, I thought that would be the perfect place to have our party!


Everyone loves Chex mix…


Little people…






Cute married people…


And especially Aggie fans…


We finished off the three bags of Chex Mix lickety split.  And I sent coupons home with everyone… but I still have a few left!  Any takers?

>like i have time for this…



In the hopes that my family will get me this for my birthday…

Demy Rotated

I’ve been playing over here for days.

Key Ingredient - digital recipes. real cooks.

I figure if I put a few recipes up each day, I’ll have them all ready for importing by the end of August.  And if my sweet friend talks her family into getting her one, too, then I know I’ll have access to all of her recipes, too… at the touch of a button, on my counter, on a kitchen-safe device. 

Too bad it doesn’t cook for you, too!

>aggie game day trifle


> My sweet mother-in-law gave me a trifle bowl for my birthday. (She also gave me some cool red Kitchenaid accessories and some very yummy recipes for trifles…) I think she must have sneaked a peek at my wishlist. A wishlist that no one knew existed!! She was very surprised to learn that I’d been wanting one.

Well, this bowl has been sitting on my counter for three weeks, staring at me, begging to be used. And in a moment of creativeness, I had an idea… an ORIGINAL idea for once. I would make an Aggie trifle. Maybe I started a new tradition around here… I mean, with chocolate cake, cheesecake pudding, Cool Whip, and raspberries, I can’t go wrong, can I??

Here are the ingredients:

  • Red velvet cake (this was my original idea but couldn’t get it so I used a chocolate cake mix and a bunch of red food coloring to make it maroon)
  • Cheesecake pudding (2 boxes, I used the sugar free kind)
  • Cool Whip (8 oz., thawed)
  • Raspberries (I used frozen, but fresh would be good, too!)

Layer squares of cake, pudding, Cool Whip, raspberries. Repeat but end with Cool Whip and garnish with raspberries.

Gig ’em Aggies, and BTHO UAB!