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My favorite Christmas things…



I am fairly certain this came from one of our adopted Aggies.  I can remember for sure!  This handmade treasure is really neat.  It comes with other pieces and at Easter we can rearrange and add elements to make it an Easter scene.  It is so simple.  And I love that the connection is made between Christmas and Easter with this one piece.



My favorite Christmas things…


IMG_2929     IMG_2931     IMG_2934
The preschool ornaments.  It’s sad that SuperGirl doesn’t have very many… third kid syndrome struck, I guess.  These sweet little faces have really changed and grown up.  But I love these treasures that their little hands crafted.  They always presented these ornaments with great excitement and a sense of accomplishment.

My family had a red and green paper chain that I made when I was in preschool.  It was on the tree for many, many years, until it just disintegrated.  I don’t put these ornaments out every year because I don’t want them to get ruined, but when I do, I am reminded of the gifts that my children are to me and how fleeting our time is together.

They are the best gifts I’ve ever been given.

My favorite Christmas things…


Pink pony

This is the oldest ornament I own.  It’s almost as old as me.  This was on my very first Christmas tree ever (I think… correct me if I’m wrong, Mom!).  Mom decorated with girly baby ornaments on the tree that year.  The ornaments have slowly disintegrated and disappeared over the years but this one remains.  Mom gave it to me when my girls were little and I look forward to hanging it on my own tree each year!


My favorite Christmas things…


This is a new one this year…

Every year we go to the Christmas Eve services at church, which I love and really look forward to… except that I am usually a little preoccupied with the dinner that is either in the oven or the dinner that we frantically just finished so we could get to church early to worship and serve.  The Mister always has to arrive early to serve the Lord’s Supper and I’ve been busy with playing in the orchestra a few times.  And then there are all the people… friends who have come back to town to be with family… kids home from college.  I LOVE seeing everyone that night!

There is usually a Christmas program earlier in the month, which is always nice, too.  And then there are the Christmas programs, parade, and concerts that we end up at with the kids.

But this year our church did something a little different.  Last night we had a Christmas worship service.  Many of the songs were new but many were sweet songs we’ve always sung.  The words to EVERYTHING were on the screens so that we could sing along as we wished.  As our worship minister said in the beginning, it was nice that we were all there but they would have been just as happy singing for the One who would be in the audience whether we were there or not.  Isn’t that why we do what we do?  For Jesus?

It was great to sit and worship without the stress of the holidays or the dinner or the company or getting there early.

To be honest, I was teary through the first three or four songs.  It was just lovely being there and worshipping.  But then we sang a Christmas version of “How Great is our God.”  And I was a puddle.  In our family we have always made an effort to put Jesus at the forefront of Christmas.  The worship last night was exactly what my heart needed.

The wonder of a babe,
Born the world to save
O hear the angels sing,
Hear the angels sing. 

Emmanuel is He,
Come to set us free,
A baby, yet a King,
Baby yet a King! 

How great is our God,
Sing with me How great is our God,
And all will see
How great, How great Is our God! 

My favorite Christmas things…


Willow Tree Nativity

The Willow Tree Nativity.

My mom and dad gave this nativity to me over the span of a couple of years.  Each year I’d get another piece or group of pieces to add to the set.  The nativities in our house always seem to be the first things that get put up.  I especially love unpacking this one!

Packing it back up when the holiday season is over is another thing.  I finally got wise and took pictures of it IN the boxes so I’d remember what goes where!

Jan 06 2011_9569 Jan 06 2011_9568 Packed up!

See?  I learned that trick from my friend Angela.  She’s pretty smart when it comes to being organized… but especially about Christmas.  I have a feeling she’ll make another appearance in my Christmas favorites list.