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Our dance studio took part in a dance weekend called Project Dance.  It’s a weekend where  Christian dancers and dance companies come together in a public setting to dance and minister to those in a specific city.  Since we are close to Houston, that’s where we went.  The opening day of the weekend it was beautiful.  The sun was shining and it was warm and balmy.  The next morning, however, it was raining cats and dogs and the wind was from the north, cold and gusty.  To say we were miserable is an understatement.  There weren’t many people just hanging out in downtown Houston that day so the audience was mostly parents and siblings who were bundled up in coats, ponchos, blankets, and under umbrellas while the dancers moved about in their costumes (and ponchos and rain boots).  The first thing the dancers did was learn a “group dance” that they would perform every hour on the hour.  The song they danced to was called, “I am not Forgotten.”  It was the perfect song for this kind of thing… the words say, “I am not forgotten, God knows my name.”  And it’s catchy.  It was fun to see folks who were not “the dancers” join in the dancing. 

  DSC_2036 DSC_2062

Even though it was bitter cold, the girls all seemed to enjoy themselves.  There were smiles everywhere (although teeth were chattering, too!).  Having a REASON for their dancing and dancing for their Lord and His glory made the day fun and a blessing to those who were there watching.

DSC_2042 DSC_2051

Summer’s dance group had many opportunities to dance throughout the day.  They did some lyrical, some hip-hop, but it was all fun to watch.  There were folks there from Dance Revolution, as well as others doing ballet, jazz, theater, contemporary, and worship dances.  There was something for everyone!  I only wish the weather had been nicer and more folks would have been out to enjoy the “entertainment” and ultimately be blessed by the hearts of all of these dancers.  I know I was blessed!  Cold, but blessed!

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