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What a difference a day makes…

Wait, what? 366/365? 2011 wasn’t a leap year… so what happened? Well, when I printed out a chart with the days of the year numbered, I inadvertently chose one from a leap year.  And somewhere around the beginning of March 2011 I got off.  I realized this in about November and it was too late to change all those numbers!!  So isn’t that just par for the course?  Oh, well.  Project 365 was fun.  It was hard keeping up, especially during the busiest months, but sure is fun looking it over at the end!




At Grandmom and Grandad’s house no presents are opened until the cousins read the Christmas story.  When they were younger, they acted it out… dressed as Mary, kings, shepherds, and angels.  These days they just read.  It’s sweet to hear the boys’ deep voices in contrast to SuperGirl’s quiet little voice.  It’s one of my mother-in-law’s favorite things about Christmas… I like it, too!