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someone call the police… we have a PEEP emergency…


There was a PEEP emergency today…  a sweet, sweet friend alerted me that her terrible, awful, horrible husband THREW OUT her personal stash of PEEPs and she was left with no way to make s’meeps for her family!  Gasp!  Well, SuperMom to the rescue friends… I happened upon an overstock pile of PEEPs at the local CVS (Target was out the Saturday before Easter) and I snatched up a couple of boxes.

Without hesitating I texted this sweet friend and inquired about her present location.  She was nearby… actually on my route!  I told her to stay put, don’t move, and hang on… help was on the way!!!

She was at a local fast food restaurant waiting… but she had no idea what I was up to…

I walked in… looked around… checked the front of the establishment… and the back… and then I saw her.  OUTSIDE.  Go figure.

So I walked out the door on the opposite side of the building and let SuperGirl do the honors of presenting the golden PEEPS.

There were squeals.  And there might have been some jumping up and down.  There was definitely a lot of laughter.

She went straight home and made her own s’meeps to enjoy… only she improved on the traditional s’meep by using a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup instead of the Hershey’s chocolate.  Leave it to that girl to make something good into something fabulous!


>what moms and dads do when the kids are gone…


>SuperGirl and Pickles were trying real hard to get to go spend the night at Grammy’s house this weekend. They had all kinds of reasons for us to go… there’s a 4H dance this weekend and Hubby and I could go dancing… we could get a good night’s sleep because SuperGirl wouldn’t be able to crawl in bed with us… and my favorite, “Moms and Dads just need to be alone sometimes.”

I was curious how they knew so much about Moms and Dads so I questioned them further. I asked, “WHY do Moms and Dads need to be alone, without the kids around?” They just kept saying, “Because,” and, “Well, because it’s good for you to be together without us around.” I still wasn’t satisfied with that and pressed further…

“Why do you REALLY think Mom and Dad need to be alone, all night, without you kids around? What will we do that we can’t do when you guys are here?”

And sweet, silly SuperGirl replied, “You can watch cop shows!”