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sock curls


I saw this video on Pinterest the other day and decided to try it on Pickles.  Her hair is much curlier, thicker, and shorter than the girl in the video.  We did the three sock curls and this was the result.  EASY PEASY!!  Makes me want to grow my hair out long again!!

beautiful curls


Happy Father’s Day…


These are just a few of my favorite pictures of Hubby with the girls… I’m so thankful for the relationship they have with their daddy!!

low messy side bun – pickles version


I saw this on a blog the other day and thought it would be a cute hairdo for Pickles.

Hair Dresser On Fire Tutorial on styling a “Low Messy Side Bun,” by Reagan Breinholt

Turns out it is very easy… she was having a pretty blah hair day and it had been in a ponytail for hours.  We pulled it down, shook her hair out, and stuck it up in the low messy side bun.  Turned out pretty cute if you ask me!!

>go Mustangs!




Well, we’re back at it in full swing.  Mustang basketball was on the court for back to back games today.  The girls were a little… rusty.  They lost both games which is very unusual for them.  I’m going to blame it on all the fudge they ate over the Christmas break.

Pickles actually had a great game.  She had quite a number of rebounds and even scored twice.  When the final score is only 21-28 scoring twice is a pretty decent percentage!  And, she was 2 for 3 on her shots.  We’re still working on being more aggressive… the kid is just too nice.  I know she’s got it in her… I’ve seen it!!

Overall she had a great game… so proud of her!

>the aftermath



Where are the kitchen cleaning fairies when you need them?  And what you can’t see are the sprinkles, sugar, and flour on the counters and floor!  Isn’t there a saying about the bigger the mess, the bigger the fun?  We definitely had fun!




>the auction



Well, Pickles didn’t win any ribbons, but as she said, “We had a lot of fun making the cake!”  Yes, we did.  We also made a big mess.  But that’s a post for tomorrow.  Hubby signed in as a buyer so we could bid on and hopefully bring home a cake of our own.  It smelled so good in the auditorium!  And everything from carrot cake to chocolate pie to buttermilk pound cake was paraded before us.  Two hours of cake, pies, and sugary desserts was almost too much!  Poor Hubby hadn’t eaten beforehand and by the end of the night, he had won one cake and was bidding on a pie!


The kids got to present their own cakes before the bidders and watch first hand, the auction process.  Pickles smiled the whole time.  Well, when she wasn’t making surprised faces that her mother was bidding with a family friend for that cake!  The auctioneer talked fast but she could hear $50, $60, $70 for sure!


In the end, Mom let the bid go at $100.  It was fun.  And Pickles was so cute when she went over to thank her buyer. What good things she learned through this!


Summer didn’t bake anything this time around… she had Rette practice.  When she finished, she came over to visit her friends and ended up getting to hold a pie for auction, too.  She was thrilled (insert sarcasm).  Three hours of drill team practice leaves one sweaty, not ready to stand in front of a group of people, teenager.  Sorry Summer!  You were a good sport…


Here they are asking her how to pronounce her last name.  And she’s telling them, “It’s not my pie!”


In the end, it was a really fun night.  Pickles is already talking about what to make next time!  Thank you Mr. and Mrs. D!!!


>“they’re so flufffffyyyyyyy!”



Martha Stewart I am not.  But when Pickles was asked to participate in the 4H Cake Auction, she pulled out the Martha Stewart Cupcake Cookbook and got to designing.  She thought these little sheep cupcakes would be perfect!


And of course they needed a pasture to graze in…


Getting the lamb cake to the sale was interesting.  I kept telling her that her Grandmom transports cakes all over the place with no trouble and ours was just a little thing… but she sat in the back seat and kept her eye on the cake and the driver.  I promised to go slow, take the turns easy, and avoid potholes.  And we made it to the show just in time to beat a very windy rainstorm!  Crisis averted…