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she made me do it


Not once…


But TWICE!1390596_10202110524465132_105339350_n

And THIS time, it was COLD and we got DIRTY.

There is something really wrong with this picture.  I don’t like cold.  Or being dirty.  Or sweaty for that matter.

I’m beginning to realize that I might be more high maintenance than I originally thought…

We got up early on Sunday morning and I dragged my grumpy, questioning children with me.  And when I got in the car and my thermometer read 46 degrees I starting questioning my own sanity.  In fact, I may or may not have sent my friend a text that read…

“I am beginning to question our friendship.”

Good friends move you in a direction of being a better person, right?

She is working towards running a LONG run.   I just want to run more than once a week.

Her Nike+ app probably has a three digit number on the total miles run page.  I have 43.

I have realized something, though.  I kind of like running.  And sweating.  And the getting dirty on this run?  I liked that, too.  Thanks, friend, for opening my eyes to something new!!




I saw this posted this morning on Facebook and it really made me laugh.

You see, I use autocorrect a lot.  A LOT.

I am a medical transcriptionist and I type a great deal of words every day.  Autocorrect is my best friend.

Instead of typing this:

There is no headache, dizziness, CP, SOB, or abdominal pain.

I simply type this:


Or maybe I’m just lazy and it is nice to type in these:

bc, info, def, rad, ow, pad, rue

Instead of:

because, information, definitely, radiculopathy, overweight, periphery arterial disease, right upper extremity

See how that works?  Autocorrect saves me time and key strokes, but it also saves me some embarrassment.

It helps me spell these words:

it’s not, is not, and does not

Instead of:

it snot, i snot, or doe snot

Because it would be terribly embarrassing to have a doctor see those words on his transcription the next time he looks in his patient’s chart.

There is a flip side to all of this convenience, though, and I have to be diligent when using my computer for non-work-related typing.

If I am writing a letter, to say, Ed or Amy, they might get a letter addressed to Erectile Dysfunction or Amitriptyline.  Or if your name is Rex and I don’t catch it, your letter would be addressed to:

RECTAL EXAM:  Shows a 30 cc symmetric prostate that is bilobed with
normal rectal tone. Stool is guaiac negative.  No hemorrhoids are present.

Oh, dear, that would be unfortunate.

But perhaps the worst is if one of the kids is typing a letter to my dad.

Instead of reading like this:

Dear Pap-Pap,

Yo! What’s up? Um, not much here. I just wanted to tell you that I think you are rad.


Your Granddaughter

PS: Thanks for taking me shopping at Rue 21!!

He would get this:

Dear PAP smear-PAP smear,

Year-old! What’s up? Urine microalbumin, not much here. I just wanted to tell you that I think you are radiculopathy.


Your Granddaughter.

Prostate screening: Thanks for taking me shopping at Right upper extremity 21!

So you see, autocorrect… you absolutely are my best friend… and yet my worst enema enemy.

Do you Elf on the Shelf?


This is the first year none of our children you-know-what in you-know-who.

I was a little sad about it.

And I was even more sad when I realized no on you-know-whatted in you-know-who last year either.

The stinkers never told me.

But I’m not bitter.

I just thought it would be fun to start a NEW tradition.

Elf on the Shelf

With the help of Pinterest and just some everyday creativity, we’ve enjoyed having our Elf, Avery, visit us this season.  We haven’t moved her (yes, she’s a HER and she has a skirt, too) every single day, but we have found her in some silly, even precarious places!

Avery seemed innocent enough when she joined our family… perching herself on the mantel next to the “Letters to Santa” ornament.

Then she found our stash of M&M’s.  Silly elf should probably stay out of my chocolate.

It appears Avery is friends with the Tooth Fairy.  Good thing, too, after eating all that candy!

But then there was this… I guess all that sugar was too much for one little elf and she must have had one wild sugar high and crash!

Stay tuned for more elfin adventures!  Who knows what Avery will get in to next???

>christmas in august?



While getting ready for our garage sale SuperGirl found this gingerbread house kit in our pantry.  It had been there… for quite some time.  Like maybe a couple of years.


She had the sense to not ask about putting it together until Sunday.  But she asked, and asked, and asked, and asked… until it was too late to do it.


Monday morning she woke up, did her chores, and came to me about 8:00 asking to put it together.  I figured it would be a good little project that she could do to keep her out of my hair while I got some work done.  Besides, it cleared out a nice little spot on the top shelf of my pantry.  So we unloaded the box, gathered supplies, and prepared the foundation for construction. 


Oh, but little did I know… my job was to do the concrete mixing and mortaring.  It was messy… and sticky… and hard to do!  (Of course Hubby came home in the middle of construction and a wall fell.  I tried to pass the buck but that contractor would have nothing to do with our mistakes.)


Once we got the walls up, SuperGirl started the “real work” of placing the roofing “tiles”, doors, and windows. 


I was all too happy to pass the mortaring job on to my apprentice once the foundational pieces were placed.  She was messier than I was but her methods proved effective.


Construction complete!  She even made a snowman for the “scene.”


I guess I can’t ever be accused of not being spontaneous… I mean, how many people do you know who make gingerbread houses in the summertime?

>april showers bring…



Indoor picnics!

Our Sunday school class has a wonderful fellowship planner.  She gets things done and is so smart.  Smarter than me.  I’d been thinking for weeks that it was a shame that our class had planned an indoor picnic in April.  The weather has been beautiful.  Clear skies.  Warm weather.  It just seemed like picnic weather.

Until Sunday.  We woke up to thunder, lightning, rain, and cooler temperatures. 

And instead of scrambling around, trying to figure out if we should reschedule or try to move the picnic, we very calmly and happily brought our quilts, desserts, and side dishes into the gym, where we’d planned on picnicking all along. 

I definitely had my fill of the homemade rolls and macaroons and blueberry pie and the different slaws and cookies!  And I probably don’t need to tell you that I came straight home, crawled in bed, and thoroughly enjoyed a rainy day nap. 

What a perfect day!