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november 30 – day thirty of thankful thoughts…


Wrapping it up…

I’m blessed.  My heart is full.  I’m one “lucky” girl.

I have a loving family.  My husband and girls are the center of my world.  I love them and I love being with them.

My extended family is a joy.  Parents, siblings, grandparents, and cousins are all so important to me!

Friends.  I think I have the best ones!

We are healthy.

Our needs are met.

But we also have enough to share and have some fun, too.

Heading into the Christmas season, I hope to remember the things I am thankful for.  And I hope to find more as the holiday season progresses!!

I’ll start with remembering the thing I’m most thankful for of all… I’m thankful for Jesus.  My life would not be the same without Him.


november 29 – day twenty-nine of thankful thoughts…


I am thankful that earlier this year we came across a steal of a deal on a pop-up camper.

We’ve used it a couple of times and have really enjoyed having it.  We even used it this fall as an extra room for visiting family and friends.

With the weather changing and things cooling off we decided that the long weekend of Thanksgiving would be a perfect time to go camping.

The Mister chopped up a tree yesterday and loaded the back of his truck with firewood.  And this morning we piled the bikes on top, hooked up the trailer, and headed out to Jasper for a few days of quiet, rest, and family time.

We don’t get a lot of down time, so looking at three days of just the five of us and nature is something to be thankful for, for sure!

november 28 – day twenty-eight of thankful thoughts…


Today was Thanksgiving.

There is much to be thankful for.

Time with the family is never really dull.

Mom made a turkey.

Dad carved it.

We ate.

We cleaned up.

We played cards.  Phase 10 can be brutal if you’re on the wrong end of a SKIP card.

We laughed.

Some napped.

We ate pie.

There was a whipped cream fight – in the house.

My sister and her family where there.  She didn’t have to work after all so they came in early.  They even brought their new “puppy” (who is HUGE but ADORABLE), Drake.

My grandmother was with us.  She brought apple cake.  YUM.

We finished off four cans of black olives.

Just being with them was the best part of the day.

november 27 – day twenty-seven of thankful thoughts…


Today I am thankful that we will have all of our favorite Thanksgiving things on our Thanksgiving table tomorrow.

Mom’s turkey and gravy.
Ham and mustard sauce.
Mom’s bread dressing and my mother-in-love’s cornbread dressing.
{Who says the north and south can’t get along?}
Nannie’s mashed potatoes.  
Sister is bringing the cranberry salad.
The Mister’s “homemade” (i.e. open the can) cranberry sauce with the can lines on it.
An embarrassing amount of black olives.
Pumpkin pie.
Pecan pie.
Apple cake.

I am also thankful that we will have many of my favorite people around that same table!


november 26 – day twenty-six of thankful thoughts…


Maybe I’m running out of things to be thankful for.

Maybe it’s the temperature hovering just above freezing.

Maybe it’s the days and days of raining.

Or perhaps it’s because I have a major exam today and my brain is just on overload.

I’m mixing it up a bit.

What am I thankful for?

Kids and pets.  They bring such joy and happiness and… other stuff.

“Thankful” for these little nuggets…

That it only took SuperGirl four hours to write a one page paper about a person she loves very much and has a lot to say about.

Melody’s poop smells like… roses.  Yeah.  I’m going with that.  And whenever I am in my office (where the litterbox is), she decides that would be a lovely time to go. I’m so glad she thinks of me.

The shovel has gone to live somewhere else for the winter so I got to use my favorite spatula to clean out the guinea pig cage last night.

That Twix has only brought us one baby bunny this fall.

And today I am especially thankful that Pebbles peed on SuperGirl’s jeans and not the wood floor.

november 25 – day twenty-five of thankful thoughts…


Today I am thankful that this is only a two day school week.  I need a break.  The kids need a break.  The Mister needs a break.

It seems we’ve all been going full speed for months now and it’s nice to get to put on the brakes for a few days.

Pickles has four tests scheduled today but tomorrow will be a fun day complete with some community service work through her school.  Tomorrow I have my last major exam before finals.  Hopefully we can leave all the books and studying to next week!

We will do Thanksgiving with family on Thursday and then we are running away to go camping for the weekend.  Finding our little pop-up for the steal that it was is another blessing I’m counting today.  It’s kind of forcing us to plan little getaways like this.  I may not be so thankful when we are freezing our rears off this weekend, but it’ll be a memory we made together as a family.

november 24 – day twenty-four of thankful thoughts…


A random list of things I’m thankful for TODAY

  • fat-free hazelnut creamer
  • my Macy’s parade mug
  • my mom-cave/office
  • quiet mornings
  • a soft, purring kitty
  • wood floors
  • Sunday naps
  • dreary weather
  • money in the “vacation fund” piggy bank
  • friends who text me from church calling me a loser because I slept in
  • Sunday lunches of mediocre pizza with old friends
  • fuzzy socks
  • my fuzzy polka dot blanket
  • quiet afternoons
  • study time