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I know, I know.  I moved… again.  Blogger was giving me fits since I no longer have LiveWriter to write and post blogs with.  I know several people who use WordPress and LOVE it so I thought I would give it a try.  Will I love it?  Will I hate it?  Time will tell…  Here’s a good test… how easy is it to load a picture?

Well, now.  That wasn’t too hard.  Or slow.  And I even moved by copying and pasting.  In case you were wondering, this lovely photo was taken four years ago today.  My dad is cutting up.  Goober.  Love him.  My sister looks either annoyed or like she is very intently listening to instructions.  Love her.
So back to moving.  It will take me some time but I’ll get this little blog personalized before too long.  I’ve got to make a header and figure out how to link this puppy to Facebook.  I need to look at how to change fonts and links and all that other fun stuff that I really have no time for.
Just not today.  I’m keeping Mom’s precious Laci (the poodle) and Wendy (the fish) while she’s gallivanting around in Florida.  Pebbles (my poodle) and Laci are either having a ball or trying to eat each other.  It’s really comical how bipolar the two of them can be.  Twix (my cat) has taken to rolling in a dust patch outside… and while I was able to corner her with a wet towel for an impromptu sponge bath last night I feel like my house is covered in dust and cat hair.  UGH.
So I’m going to end this here and put my Dyson Animal to the test, sucking up dirt and hair and trying to avoid Polly Pocket shoes and the teenager’s jewelry.
Just another day in the office around here…
{okay, so i’ve posted this but there are no spaces between paragraphs. can anyone help?}

Once upon a time…


Once upon a time a lady had a pretty pink Dell. She loved that computer. It was pink after all…

One day the pink Dell stopped working. The screen went black and was no longer a helpful tool. A nice man gave up the television in his bedroom so the computer would have a working screen. Soon, though, the computer started cutting off for no reason in the middle of very important documents and functions. And the nice lady became frustrated and was starting to feel not very nice.

The very nice man came home with this to appease the nice lady.

And while she was a little intimidated by the new machine she was very, very happy. She spent the next couple of days getting acquainted with it and began to really, really enjoy the new features and ease of use. The fact that it had a working screen and didn’t cut off in the middle of work was very nice, too.

Then one day the nice lady was loading pictures on the new computer. Instead of putting the SD card into the SD card slot, she accidentally slipped it into the CD drive. Oops. The following status update was made to Facebook…

Nice Lady

there’s an SD card stuck in my CD/DVD drive on the brand new computer… what’s sad is that i can’t blame it on a toddler… or even a teenager… just myself. nerd.

She waited for the nice man to come home and help retrieve the SD card from the wrong slot. He tried. He even had special tools that he used to dig around for the silly thing. 

His tools didn’t work. No shaking, poking, or other people in the kingdom could retrieve the card. So the nice man did what any self respecting man would do. He Googled.

And then he made this…


The card was retrieved in a matter of seconds.

The very nice lady was thankful. And now she LOOKS before she puts the SD card into the computer.

The End.

>it’s one of my favorite times of the year…



Sensing a theme with the latest photo posts?? What’s planted here, you ask?
green peppers
orange peppers
red peppers
jalapeno peppers
and for a little color and whimsy… marigolds and morning glories
and because SuperGirl wouldn’t leave me alone… sunflowers… GIANT sunflowers
In the garden behind this one are the tomatoes… big ones and cherry tomatoes, too!
I can’t wait to tackle the beds by the house! Roses, herbs, and who knows what else will go in there!

>home tweet home



Earlier this summer we planted a tree.  (When I say “we” I mean Hubby and a very big post hole digger.) 

Jun 05 2010_5764

And a cute little helper.

Jun 05 2010_5763 

And a family promptly moved in…  Now that there are “children” in the family there is a lot of chattering going on in our front yard. 


The momma bird is never far away.  She either sits on a different branch of the tree (far right of the picture, top branch) or on the electrical wires above the tree.  She keeps a very close eye on our Twix!