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she made me do it


Not once…


But TWICE!1390596_10202110524465132_105339350_n

And THIS time, it was COLD and we got DIRTY.

There is something really wrong with this picture.  I don’t like cold.  Or being dirty.  Or sweaty for that matter.

I’m beginning to realize that I might be more high maintenance than I originally thought…

We got up early on Sunday morning and I dragged my grumpy, questioning children with me.  And when I got in the car and my thermometer read 46 degrees I starting questioning my own sanity.  In fact, I may or may not have sent my friend a text that read…

“I am beginning to question our friendship.”

Good friends move you in a direction of being a better person, right?

She is working towards running a LONG run.   I just want to run more than once a week.

Her Nike+ app probably has a three digit number on the total miles run page.  I have 43.

I have realized something, though.  I kind of like running.  And sweating.  And the getting dirty on this run?  I liked that, too.  Thanks, friend, for opening my eyes to something new!!


Page 113 Rolls


So apparently we aren’t going to have a winter… but I want to make soup!  And fresh bread!

But there is a small problem.  I’ve never been good at the bread thing.

Except for when I use my bread machine.  Or bake those frozen dough rolls.

Which aren’t bad, by the way.

Y’all.  I have this friend.  She makes REALLY GOOD GREAT rolls.  There’s a recipe she has used FOR YEARS.  She calls them the “Page 113 Rolls” because the recipe is on page 113 of a recipe book our church did once.

Today I wanted to have fresh bread for my family with dinner.  But not the frozen roll kind.  So I pulled up her recipe and talked myself into making the rolls.

Thing is, I’m so bad with the dough thing that I’m starting to think maybe I have a dough-disability.  Gathering the ingredients, I could just smell the dough baking in my oven… the possibilities of a true homemade dinner for my family swam in my head.  Fear nagged at me… or was it the yeast?

After mixing the dough I took a look and was completely deflated.  My dough looked…


I shot off a quick message to my friend…

i am a page 113 failure. i need lessons.

I was not so quick to give up though, so I waited until the dough “doubled in size” and took another look.  While it still didn’t look quite right, I decided to move forward.  Over the next thirty minutes the mess on my counter was… epic.

There was no blood… or sweat… but there were some tears… and possibly some yelling… and I might have even called my mother and told her that she failed me by not teaching me to make bread.  When all else fails, blame your mom, right?

Well, momma… I take it back.

And to my sweet friend… I’m serious about the lessons.  Oh, and can you teach me to make pie crust, too?

someone call the police… we have a PEEP emergency…


There was a PEEP emergency today…  a sweet, sweet friend alerted me that her terrible, awful, horrible husband THREW OUT her personal stash of PEEPs and she was left with no way to make s’meeps for her family!  Gasp!  Well, SuperMom to the rescue friends… I happened upon an overstock pile of PEEPs at the local CVS (Target was out the Saturday before Easter) and I snatched up a couple of boxes.

Without hesitating I texted this sweet friend and inquired about her present location.  She was nearby… actually on my route!  I told her to stay put, don’t move, and hang on… help was on the way!!!

She was at a local fast food restaurant waiting… but she had no idea what I was up to…

I walked in… looked around… checked the front of the establishment… and the back… and then I saw her.  OUTSIDE.  Go figure.

So I walked out the door on the opposite side of the building and let SuperGirl do the honors of presenting the golden PEEPS.

There were squeals.  And there might have been some jumping up and down.  There was definitely a lot of laughter.

She went straight home and made her own s’meeps to enjoy… only she improved on the traditional s’meep by using a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup instead of the Hershey’s chocolate.  Leave it to that girl to make something good into something fabulous!

this is what a Big Girls’ Night In looks like…


While Hubs was dancing the night away with our daughters I designated the evening “Big Girls’ Night In.”  I grabbed a good buddy and planned an evening in.  She showed up in her comfy clothes carrying a pillow and blanket for good measure.  Oh, and she brought scones.  YUM.  First on the agenda was a yummy dinner.  This was picked up and taken home to be eaten in our pajamas.

Next was dessert.  This was also eaten in our pajamas, on the couch.  These were cake bites from Cake Junkie.  They were worth the $20 for a dozen of them.  Wow.  I will not confess as to how many of these we ate.

We spent at least half an hour looking through Netflix for a decent chick flick that we hadn’t both seen a number of times.  So we settled with this one.  It was so-so.

It was so nice to spend a quiet evening at home… curled up on the couch with good food and good company!

>april showers bring…



Indoor picnics!

Our Sunday school class has a wonderful fellowship planner.  She gets things done and is so smart.  Smarter than me.  I’d been thinking for weeks that it was a shame that our class had planned an indoor picnic in April.  The weather has been beautiful.  Clear skies.  Warm weather.  It just seemed like picnic weather.

Until Sunday.  We woke up to thunder, lightning, rain, and cooler temperatures. 

And instead of scrambling around, trying to figure out if we should reschedule or try to move the picnic, we very calmly and happily brought our quilts, desserts, and side dishes into the gym, where we’d planned on picnicking all along. 

I definitely had my fill of the homemade rolls and macaroons and blueberry pie and the different slaws and cookies!  And I probably don’t need to tell you that I came straight home, crawled in bed, and thoroughly enjoyed a rainy day nap. 

What a perfect day!

>RAoK wrap-up



So Monday was my friend, Sweet Blessings, birthday.  It was a big one.  And all she wanted was for all of her friends to perform a Random Act of Kindness in her honor.  It was fun to watch Facebook that day as people posted what they had done.  Sweet Blessings did 40!  The girls and I chose to do four, one for each decade of Sweet Blessings life.  I know her idea was for many people to be blessed that day, and I can’t help but wonder if she knew that she was going to bless each of us as well…

Our first RAoK was taking some treats to a local firehouse.  We chose the one that our neighbor is stationed at.  He didn’t work that day (and I hope his fellow firemen saved him a treat) but his wife told me that they had worked a pretty bad accident that morning and getting a nice treat was just what those guys needed.  We pulled the treats out of the oven and took them right over.  The fireman that met us seemed a little shocked at what we were doing.  But he was willing to take a picture!

After leaving the firehouse, we headed over to Jimmy John’s for a little lunch.  I love me some Jimmy John’s!  We couldn’t decide exactly what to do next… Buy someone’s lunch?  Give someone a gift card?  While we were eating, it hit us… we bought the other four diners cookies!  It was fun watching their faces as I explained why we were giving them dessert.  They thought it was really nice, said to tell my friend happy birthday, and seemed genuinely surprised. 

From there, we went to Albertson’s to say hello to my dad.  I love popping in on him over there.  He’s always so happy and genuinely surprised.  I always wonder what people think when they see the dairy man kissing a bunch of girls in the aisles of Albertsons!  Albertsons had Gatorade on sale so we gathered up a bunch and headed out to commit RAoK number three.

There is a nice little “beautification project” going on near our house.  These guys are doing a great job and though it’s not that warm yet, they always look like they could use a cold drink.  I was afraid we were going to get the guys in trouble as their boss started to come over to where we were and when he saw my little sign (and I offered him a Gatorade) he smiled and sent over another worker.  This one was fun. 

The last act was a little tricky.  The girls and I had to do a bit of sneaking around but we took care of a little chore for a friend who had just had a lot of company and no working dryer.  Being a laundry fairy for someone else sure is fun… why is my laundry such a chore?

So there you have it.  $20 and a couple of hours and we blessed at least 15 people.  Not bad for a day’s work.  But you know what?  The day blessed MY socks off.  We laughed, we smiled, and felt great all day.   And yesterday?  We were looking for ways to bless people… just for fun!     

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