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>go Mustangs!




Well, we’re back at it in full swing.  Mustang basketball was on the court for back to back games today.  The girls were a little… rusty.  They lost both games which is very unusual for them.  I’m going to blame it on all the fudge they ate over the Christmas break.

Pickles actually had a great game.  She had quite a number of rebounds and even scored twice.  When the final score is only 21-28 scoring twice is a pretty decent percentage!  And, she was 2 for 3 on her shots.  We’re still working on being more aggressive… the kid is just too nice.  I know she’s got it in her… I’ve seen it!!

Overall she had a great game… so proud of her!


>meet the Rangers night




This high school thing is really getting fun… and school hasn’t even started yet!  Last night was Meet the Rangers Night.  We were all introduced to the drill team, the cheerleaders, and the football teams.  Each and every kid was introduced.  Several coaches commented how many more kids there were this year than the last two years.  Our school is growing and it’s fun to be a part of that. What’s even more fun is seeing my girl and several kids we’ve known since they were born wearing the green and blue, too.  The RangeRettes performed a pom routine, the cheerleaders led a cheer, and the football team looked tough.  It was fun to see how many kids are involved and I can’t wait for the first football game!!!  We have our season tickets and t-shirts… all we need now is our RangeRette parent shirt and stadium seats and we’ll be ready to go! Go Rangers!!!




>saturday fun


>Saturday morning means Upward soccer around here. This week we started the day out with a trip to Chick-fil-A for breakfast before hitting the fields. It was very foggy out and we were hoping it would burn off before game time. This morning was also picture day… the muggy weather was wreaking havoc with a certain player’s hair. We made a quick stop at Target on the way to the fields so we could re-do her hair. Chick-fil-A and Target all before noon. What a great day!! Pickles played at forward and goalie today. She does a lot of running a little bit of kicking and it all makes me very tired.

Since SuperGirl was so sick this week, she didn’t play with her team. She did get her picture made and spent the morning in her uniform, watching her team warmup and play a bit. She was even snack girl for the day. Being near her team was important to her, even though she still isn’t quite up to par. As the morning heated up, she found shade under an umbrella, camped out in her SuperGirl chair.

Having only one team to cheer on today proved to be much easier than last week when we were watching two teams play at the same time. We had great seats, on the 50 yard line, which was great until someone got recruited to be a line judge. Upward for us is a family affair whether it’s basketball or soccer. Of course, there was a second judge behind me. You can’t see him, but his name rhymes with Nubby.

I heard things like, “You’re supposed to raise the flag and point it at the goal when it’s a kick towards the goal.”

Oh. Really? Because the referee only said, “If the whole of the ball crosses the whole of the line raise the flag.” He said nothing about pointing.

And then there was the helpful advice of, “I can’t hear your flag when you raise it. Use more force so I can hear it whip.” Okay, Mister. You’re fixing to get a whipping with this flag if you don’t cut it out!!

It was a good morning. Both teams won 2-0 and we were ALL sweaty when it was all done. After the game we headed home with Grandmom and Grandad and then to lunch at Uncle Henry’s (and Aggie Game Day Trifle for dessert). We got to visit with Uncle Henry, Aunt Ruth, Richard, Stan, Laura, Caitlin, and McKenzie, too. It’s always fun getting together with family!

Later on, some of us went on to the game to cheer on the Aggies and some of us went to the mall. Guess where I went? What a fun Saturday!!