As my fourth, and final, semester of nursing school gets started I am feeling a bit… overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed… with the amount of homework I have. Ten weeks of class, three tests, one final. Several paper/projects. Online tests every week. Three full days of NCLEX (nursing board exam) testing prep. Eight clinical days. And THEN preceptorship begins… 144 hours in the hospital one on one with an RN.

Overwhelmed… that my formal school training is coming to an end and I’ll be able to sit for boards and receive those sweet letters after my name… RN

Overwhelmed… with the desire to finish strong. I am on track to graduate with our honor society – there are only 11 of us – and that is something that is important to me. There is still the fear of not passing something this semester, but what I really want is to finish with honors. Prideful? Maybe. But I’ve waited a long time to do this!!

Overwhelmed… at the sheer amount of knowledge I have gained and am expected to know from here on out.

Overwhelmed… with the reality that I will be caring for real people, not “Manikin” people in the lab. Overwhelmed with the knowledge that I will be present when people come into this world… and leave it.

Overwhelmed… at the thought of having to say goodbye to some really sweet people. A lot of my classmates are here for college, their families living in other places in Texas. I have surely enjoyed being “Mom” to some of them – they have made this experience enjoyable. They have also made the loneliness of the Bearkat being away at school a little easier – being with them is a lot like being with her. I do love their hugs, lending them pencils, giving them ibuprofen, and sharing my snacks with them.

Overwhelmed… at the way the Lord has surprised me with great study partners and a super sweet “nursing school chum.” We study together. We laugh together. We have cried together. She gives my girls her hand-me-down workout clothes. And I have sent pretty dresses over for her girls. We have eaten breakfast, lunch, dinner, and countless bags of Boom-Chicka-Pop popcorn together. This gal is a post for another day, though.

This experience has been overwhelming from the very beginning until the very end. But I am absolutely loving it all. There are only 101 days left until our pinning ceremony!


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