it’s almost time…




I think I am a servant by nature.  I don’t lead.  I don’t teach.  Tell me a need and I’ll do my best to meet it.  I think it is that need to serve others that has been behind the desire to be a nurse.  When I was little I’d say it was because I wanted to “help others.”  Now?  It is really just the same.

I’ve been accused of begin idealistic and a little too romantic at times.  “Things will just work out” and “everything will be okay” are things I say a lot.  I have a feeling that balancing these traits with reality will be a struggle for me.  I just look at it as another way I’ll become stronger.  And it will likely keep me from giving up.

So this summer has been one of checking things off the “Nursing School Check List.”  I’ve been very diligent about getting these things done… EARLY.

  1. Get fingerprinted
  2. Go for drug testing
  3. Provide proof of vaccinations and get a few shots
  4. Get a physical
  5. Buy a parking permit
  6. Buy uniform
  7. Get a stethoscope
  8. Find good nursing shoes

I didn’t realize how much TIME I would have on my hands this summer.  Time makes me think.  Sometimes thinking too much is just… too much.  But I’ve been careful about where my thoughts go and I’ve tried to focus my thoughts on the positive aspects of the next two years instead of scaring myself to death.  (Trust me, there are some nursing related memes and ecards on Pinterest that have sent me into a mild panic about what I am embarking on!)

Lately I’ve been looking for a scripture to have engraved on my stethoscope.  I’ve been through quite a few but I think I have finally settled on one.  Matthew 25:40 says, “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”  It reminds me of WHY I am doing this… WHO I am doing this for… and HOW I am doing it.  Some patients will be easy.  And some will be difficult.  But I know that God is so good.  He has gotten me this far.  We’ll finish it together.


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