My favorite Christmas things…


Angel Tree Gift Delivery

Today was a fun day.  It was Angel Tree Delivery Day.  We had a TON of people show up to help deliver gifts so we didn’t get to make any deliveries as a family.  But we DID serve as a family today.  The Mister gave out group assignments, the kids helped gather gifts and helped take them to cars, and I helped check the list (twice!) to make sure everyone got what they needed to deliver.  There are so many people who make this happen.  We are blessed to belong to a church that loves and serves well!!

But let me tell you that seeing this room full of gifts, bikes, big boxes, smiling faces, and lots of activity just warms my heart.  I wish I could be a part of seeing the children who get these gifts open them.  I know many of them opened their gifts today – from experience, we’ve delivered the gifts and the kids dive right in.  Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, guardians… those who care for these kids are grateful.  I know that the parents who are incarcerated for whatever reason are grateful, too.  And my prayer is that somehow through this ministry that the hearts of these families will be touched and lives changed.

Merry Christmas, Angel Tree!!


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