november 26 – day twenty-six of thankful thoughts…


Maybe I’m running out of things to be thankful for.

Maybe it’s the temperature hovering just above freezing.

Maybe it’s the days and days of raining.

Or perhaps it’s because I have a major exam today and my brain is just on overload.

I’m mixing it up a bit.

What am I thankful for?

Kids and pets.  They bring such joy and happiness and… other stuff.

“Thankful” for these little nuggets…

That it only took SuperGirl four hours to write a one page paper about a person she loves very much and has a lot to say about.

Melody’s poop smells like… roses.  Yeah.  I’m going with that.  And whenever I am in my office (where the litterbox is), she decides that would be a lovely time to go. I’m so glad she thinks of me.

The shovel has gone to live somewhere else for the winter so I got to use my favorite spatula to clean out the guinea pig cage last night.

That Twix has only brought us one baby bunny this fall.

And today I am especially thankful that Pebbles peed on SuperGirl’s jeans and not the wood floor.


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