november 25 – day twenty-five of thankful thoughts…


Today I am thankful that this is only a two day school week.  I need a break.  The kids need a break.  The Mister needs a break.

It seems we’ve all been going full speed for months now and it’s nice to get to put on the brakes for a few days.

Pickles has four tests scheduled today but tomorrow will be a fun day complete with some community service work through her school.  Tomorrow I have my last major exam before finals.  Hopefully we can leave all the books and studying to next week!

We will do Thanksgiving with family on Thursday and then we are running away to go camping for the weekend.  Finding our little pop-up for the steal that it was is another blessing I’m counting today.  It’s kind of forcing us to plan little getaways like this.  I may not be so thankful when we are freezing our rears off this weekend, but it’ll be a memory we made together as a family.


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