november 23 – day twenty-three of thankful thoughts


As I type this entry, we are driving home from a quick visit to my in-laws’ house. We are all buckled into Honey, safe and snug. My Aggie nephew is up front with the Mister, listening to a football game. Summer is glued to her laptop, working her magic on some videos. Pickles has dozed off for what may very possibly be her third nap of the day. SuperGirl is taking full advantage of getting me all to herself in the backseat, especially because I have a hotspot for her Netflix.

We enjoyed a lazy day indoors next to a wood burning stove, dozing in the chairs, watching the Aggies, and eating way too much. It was too cold to shoot our stash of pumpkins to smithereens as we had planned. I’m not about to complain – it was a great day and I even managed to get a little studying in.

As we drive home tonight I am thankful for the technology that allows me to blog from the back seat of moving car that is somewhere in the middle of nowhere. It’s pretty cool that I can do that!!


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