november 18 – day eighteen of thankful thoughts…




Perhaps one of my favorite things about this time of year is being involved with Angel Tree.  The Mister and I have had a part in this ministry for a long time… we tried to figure out just how long and the best we came up with was almost as long as we’ve been married… so looking at about 20 years.  We have planned gift delivery parties, organized gift delivery to homes, served meals, written gift tags, and purchased gifts.  But the BEST part is delivering gifts to the homes of the children who will receive the gifts.

Once we had children, we included them in the process.  And we are ALWAYS blessed.  We usually try to find an Angel about the same age as one of our children.  The girls shop with us and help choose the gifts.  They wrap the gifts.  They help with delivery day.

I am thankful that our church has been involved with this ministry.  I am thankful for the lives that it touches.  And I am thankful for the blessing we receive from giving.


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