november 14 – day fourteen of thankful thoughts…



My brain has been stretched this semester with anatomy and physiology.  It has been fun and hard and frustrating and time consuming, but it has also been satisfying to have a really good professor that I really enjoy.  I have been hoping to take her again in the spring but she is only teaching an online version of A&P2… which is full.  I spoke with her earlier this week about getting forced into her class but it just isn’t possible.

So I did what I usually do when things don’t go my way.

I pouted a little.

And then I began to obsess about how unfair the world is that I couldn’t have my way.

I’m really just like a toddler.

But then I realized that things would work out just the way the Lord wanted them to because that’s just the way things work in my life.

So I prayed about it and asked Him to show me what to do… and I got online to check classes… just one more time.

There was ONE SPOT available in the online class.  I have never clicked a button so fast in my life.  I was high-fiving Summer, feeling giddy, and praising Jesus that I got into that class.  Talk about being thankful!!!  So here we go… on to the last two classes before I can apply to nursing school.

Is this really happening???


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