november 13 – day thirteen of thankful thoughts…


U-Haul it!

Today I am thankful for what is happening with this U-Haul truck.

The Mister flew to Florida yesterday to drive this “sick ride” back to Texas for my grandmother.  When I told him she was moving to Texas he asked how she was going to get her stuff here.  And when I told him I didn’t know, he said, “I’ll drive it back.”  That’s just how that man is.  He didn’t really ask a lot of questions.  He just said he would do it.  He is a saint.  {If you think of him today, pray for a smooth ride… and endurance… and safety!}

The other part of what is happening with this truck makes me thankful, too.  My Nannie is moving to Texas.  I just can’t stand that our family is so spread out – Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia… I wish we were all HERE in Texas.  Having Nannie close by will be nice.  The girls have all kinds of plans for her and her new place.  I can’t wait to see her again and squeeze her neck!!




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