november 7 – day seven of thankful thoughts…


1185717_10202313471137726_1404644887_nThen there is this girl.

Who can’t be thankful for her?

Including her on the thankful list kind of goes without saying, but we are currently ending the second six weeks of sixth grade and this momma is in NEED of finding reasons to be thankful for her… you know… so I don’t try to pawn her off on another family until she is, say, 22.  She challenges me every day on everything from brushing her hair to homework to picking up her underwear.  And in the middle of all of it, she will smile and do something really sweet.  Who can stay mad at her???

So here goes, reasons I am thankful for SuperGirl.

She loves kettle corn.
And Johnny Manziel.
She thinks everything is fun.  Except homework, reading, and chores.
She is spontaneous.
Pink, zebra, sequins, glitter.  And repeat.
Her hugs.
Her quirky sense of style.

(Think pink cheetah print footie pj’s, pink knit monkey hat, pink scarf, & pink mittens.)

She thinks the pink knit monkey hat is a nightcap.
She KNOWS what she likes and doesn’t like.
Her ADORES her sisters.
She makes me laugh.
I don’t think she knows it, but she is smart!
Her smile lights up her face.
I can’t stand it, but she loves SpongeBob.
She seems so grown up and yet still enjoys being “the baby” of the family.
She is afraid of thunder.
She is becoming more responsible – with some things.
Notsomuch with others.  THANKFUL for progress!!

SuperGirl is a study in contrasts.  A mystery, if you will.  I think that is what makes her Super.  It’s also why I’m THANKFUL for her.

“I will offer You my grateful heart,
for I am Your unique creation,
filled with wonder and awe.”
~ Psalm 139:14 (The Voice)


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