november 6 – day six of thankful thoughts…


Today I am thankful for something that has become a necessity in our home.  

My dust fairy. 

Working and going to school, taking care of the family, and keeping up with errands and chores has left little room for house cleaning.  A few months ago we decided to hire someone to help with the general cleaning every other week and we thought we could keep up in between with laundry and organizing.  Boy was I wrong.  

I think I need a laundry service.  And a professional organizer.  And a chef would be nice, too.  

For now I’m just thankful for my dust fairy.  She does a great job.  

And the whole house is clean all at once.  That matters to me.  

I don’t know why.

But it does.

My fairy will come to my house today.  And when I get home, my house will be spotless.  The toilet paper will be folded in a little triangle.  And all will be right until… the rest of the family comes home.  

 “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” ~ not in the Bible


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