november 4 – day four of thankful thoughts…


Then there’s this girl.

I am thankful today for the way I have been surprised by this girl this school year.

The first week of public school was tough.  But she made it through.

The first round of tests were hard.  But she did it!

She misses her homeschool friends.  But she’s making some new ones.

Learning to deal with people who are very, very different than her has been a challenge.  But she’s doing it.

Going to her first choir tryout was daunting.  But it’s over.

She has learned how to study better.  She manages her time very well.  Mornings are getting better (sort of – the girl is her mother’s child and she abhors mornings).  She is making friends.

And she is well on her way to a second report card with straight A’s.  

She wears her hair in a messy bun almost every day and a t-shirt and jeans are her uniform of choice.  She is no nonsense and no frills.  She has a BEAUTIFUL heart.  She is an absolute JOY to have around.  She is helpful, seeks peace, and loves her family and friends fiercely.

Am I proud of her?  Well, yes.

THANKFUL for her?  Heck yes!

“Children are a blessing
and a gift from the Lord.” ~ Psalm 127:3


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