she made me do it


Not once…


But TWICE!1390596_10202110524465132_105339350_n

And THIS time, it was COLD and we got DIRTY.

There is something really wrong with this picture.  I don’t like cold.  Or being dirty.  Or sweaty for that matter.

I’m beginning to realize that I might be more high maintenance than I originally thought…

We got up early on Sunday morning and I dragged my grumpy, questioning children with me.  And when I got in the car and my thermometer read 46 degrees I starting questioning my own sanity.  In fact, I may or may not have sent my friend a text that read…

“I am beginning to question our friendship.”

Good friends move you in a direction of being a better person, right?

She is working towards running a LONG run.   I just want to run more than once a week.

Her Nike+ app probably has a three digit number on the total miles run page.  I have 43.

I have realized something, though.  I kind of like running.  And sweating.  And the getting dirty on this run?  I liked that, too.  Thanks, friend, for opening my eyes to something new!!


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