what makes me happy?


This question was posed to me not too long ago.

It was asked in a moment of ugliness… my own ugliness.

I think it was asked in a sincere way.

And I’ve been trying to answer it ever since.

In the moment, all I could answer was “a clean sink.”

But after further reflection, I think there are many things that make me happy.

Time spent with my family when there is nothing to “do” or “get done” and everyone is being nice.

Reading a good book.

Hugs from my husband.  Seriously.  The best.

Writing brings me joy.  I picked up a new journal the other day to document some things going on in my life and spent some time writing in there.  When I was done, I felt really good!

Laughing with my kids.

Lunch with a good friend.

We are almost to November, the month of giving thanks… which seems like a good time to count my blessings and see how many other things there are to be thankful for… which are usually the things that make me happy!


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