just a minute


I woke up this morning, tired.  The routine is getting to me.

I knew there was a 5th grader who was going to be hard to wake up after a long day and late night on a field trip the day before.

The middlest is always difficult in the morning.  I understand where her pain comes from as morning isn’t my favorite either.  It’s just that it’s a struggle every.single.day for her.  And thus, me.

The teenager was up late working on a paper.  Making sure she was up for school wasn’t something I was looking forward to.

The husband has been working more hours than a man should have to.  Family dinners are something to plan and schedule these days.

I hate that.

It’s just been a long couple of weeks.

Not necessarily any busier than the next mom, but I just feel…


My mind kept wrapping around the thoughts of…

I love my kids…

I love my family…

I am very, very, very blessed…

But I am just exhausted.  And I want to check out for a while.  I want to check us all out for a while.

I know I can’t do that.  School, work, obligations…

So needless to say, I hadn’t yet had my coffee and my mind was already getting the better of me today.


I got to work and my phone rang that lovely little Dr. Who ring… and my heart sunk for a moment, wondering what was wrong that the teenager would be calling for so early in the day.

She was still at home getting ready for school.

She was calling to say she hadn’t seen me this morning (except when I poked my head in to say I was leaving).

And she just.wanted.to.talk. for a minute.


We talked for exactly one minute.

And that one minute turned my heart around.

I realize this is just a season.  Seasons change.  Seasons pass.

This day, that little gift of a one minute phone call, was definitely a bright spot of this season…


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