I’m all for using proper grammar.

And correct spelling.

And the proper use of certain words such as principal/principle, through/threw, their/there/they’re.

You get my point, right?

Heck, I’ve been one to mercilessly make fun of an email or letter or sign with poor grammar, spelling, or punctuation.  Sometimes it’s warranted.

But sometimes one must put aside their urge to grab a red pen, correct, and point out grammar infractions.

This was never more true today.

I was reading on our local news website about a young man who was shot and killed over night.  His friend posted a comment on the article, stating that he prays that his friend will “pull threw and that his family is strong as they go threw this nightmare together.”

Some idiot thought this was the appropriate time to correct this hurting friend’s spelling and responded not with kind words or a word of hope, but with one word.



What kind of person cares more about the spelling of a word than a person facing the loss of a friend?


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