I saw this posted this morning on Facebook and it really made me laugh.

You see, I use autocorrect a lot.  A LOT.

I am a medical transcriptionist and I type a great deal of words every day.  Autocorrect is my best friend.

Instead of typing this:

There is no headache, dizziness, CP, SOB, or abdominal pain.

I simply type this:


Or maybe I’m just lazy and it is nice to type in these:

bc, info, def, rad, ow, pad, rue

Instead of:

because, information, definitely, radiculopathy, overweight, periphery arterial disease, right upper extremity

See how that works?  Autocorrect saves me time and key strokes, but it also saves me some embarrassment.

It helps me spell these words:

it’s not, is not, and does not

Instead of:

it snot, i snot, or doe snot

Because it would be terribly embarrassing to have a doctor see those words on his transcription the next time he looks in his patient’s chart.

There is a flip side to all of this convenience, though, and I have to be diligent when using my computer for non-work-related typing.

If I am writing a letter, to say, Ed or Amy, they might get a letter addressed to Erectile Dysfunction or Amitriptyline.  Or if your name is Rex and I don’t catch it, your letter would be addressed to:

RECTAL EXAM:  Shows a 30 cc symmetric prostate that is bilobed with
normal rectal tone. Stool is guaiac negative.  No hemorrhoids are present.

Oh, dear, that would be unfortunate.

But perhaps the worst is if one of the kids is typing a letter to my dad.

Instead of reading like this:

Dear Pap-Pap,

Yo! What’s up? Um, not much here. I just wanted to tell you that I think you are rad.


Your Granddaughter

PS: Thanks for taking me shopping at Rue 21!!

He would get this:

Dear PAP smear-PAP smear,

Year-old! What’s up? Urine microalbumin, not much here. I just wanted to tell you that I think you are radiculopathy.


Your Granddaughter.

Prostate screening: Thanks for taking me shopping at Right upper extremity 21!

So you see, autocorrect… you absolutely are my best friend… and yet my worst enema enemy.


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