sixteen things


Sixteen things I love about you…

1. You are not afraid to try new things.

2. You are a fiercely loyal friend.

3. The way you jump around when you are excited, knees pumping up to your chest and your hands flying.

4. Your stubborn streak.

5. Your convictions. (When #4 and #5 to into play together, watch out world!)

6. The way you are growing in your walk with the Lord.  That your faith is becoming your own.  It’s beautiful.

7. Your creativity.  You keep discovering new talents.

8. The way you help and love your sisters.

9. The way you clean your room, making a bigger mess than you started with and ending with perfection.

10. Your toes!

11. You love Jesus and you love going to church.

12. You can laugh at yourself and you don’t take yourself too seriously.

13. The way you have blossomed at school, making friends, getting good grades, trying new things, and are a student the teachers enjoy having in class.

14. Your voice.  The way you say, “Hey, Mom!”  I’ll never get tired of that.

15. The way you dance.  Everywhere.  All the time.  You’re beautiful.

16. I love that God put you in our family to love and enjoy.  I do love you and oh, how I enjoy you!



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