on happiness


Years ago I had a note posted in my office, “Happiness is a choice.”

I’ve been in a mood lately.  No motivation.  Tired of mean, grumpy people in my life.  Tired of mean, grumpy people in my children’s’ lives.  Paralyzed by a mountain of work that grows no matter how hard I try to whittle it down.  Chores, driving, homework, it’s all been bringing me down.

I know me.  I tend to get in a funk.  It’s so easy to wallow in my frustration, the list of things to do, feeling isolated, and generally just feeling “off.”

Earlier this week I read a blog post about teaching our kids to be thankful.  If I could just remember where that blog post was, I would link up.  One thing it suggested was to have the kids keep a thankfulness journal.  I’ve done this over the years on my own, as a family activity in November, and here on the blog.  What is it about counting your blessings that makes you feel better?

This morning I got off to a rough start.  I was running behind.  My anxiety was at a high level.  So I took a shower, tried to relax, and make the best of the morning.  And when I went to dry my hair, the circuit had tripped.  No power in the bathroom.  So I tried to fix it… and ended up tripping the circuit the computer is on.  I gave up and dried my hair in the bedroom with no mirror.  It was just ruining my day.  Silly, I know.

By the time Pickles and I loaded up to head to work, I was feeling pretty rotten.  And my mind wandered to the blog post.

Count your blessings.

So I started small.

  • I was taking a doctor’s note to Summer’s school.  I am thankful for our sweet physical therapist.  Thankful that I can text her after hours and have her fax a doctor’s note to me instead of having to drive back over there today.
  • Thankful that Summer’s knee injury can be “fixed” with physical therapy and not surgery.
  • My mom is keeping our dog overnight so we can go visit my in-laws.
  • And she will probably bathe that same dog while she’s there.
  • My car was out of gas.  And today there is a high chance of rainstorms.  When I went to fill up, the skies were clear and it was sunny.  I didn’t have to fill up in the rain.
  • This same car hit 200,000 miles yesterday and is still quite reliable.
  • Lunch with a dear friend was already on the books for today.  Something to look forward to!

Just thinking of those things on the way to work brightened my spirits.  Once again, finding something to be thankful for has lifted the cloud…  Thank you, Lord for every good thing given and every perfect gift.

James 1:7 ~ Every good and perfect gift is from above…

I Thessalonians 5:16-18 ~ Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, [and] give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.


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