Would you rather make your own choices or have someone make them for you?

This? Or that?  I’m a terrible decision maker.  Anyone else hearing Bieber… “She’s indecisive… she can’t decide.”  Even so, I want to choose!

Growing up, I hated making decisions.  Choosing an outfit while school shopping was painful.  I was so afraid of making the wrong choice that I would make no choice.  But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that I truly want to make my OWN choices!  I’ve been trying to take a back seat on the choice making so others in my family can choose (wardrobe, where to eat, what to do).  Unfortunately, I always reserve the right to overrule.  It’s a mom’s right.  Right?

I have one child who is very indecisive.  Even when given a short list to choose from, the choice is HARD.  We end up making a lot of choices for her, but I’ve been forcing her to make her own choices about things lately.  FORCING.  It’s almost painful – more for her or me, I can’t really say.

My youngest doesn’t share that problem.  She wants to make all the choices.  If she gives me trouble about getting dressed for school I just have to tell her that I will make the decision for her and she scoots right into gear.

Funny how we’re all wired differently, isn’t it?

The part of the question that asks about someone else making choices for me only brings to mind the scene in a movie where a man orders dinner for the woman and she just smiles away, letting him.  If I did that, I would end up with meatloaf and mashed potatoes with a side of pasta and bread with Big Red to drink.  Sorry, Hubs, but I like some green stuff on my plate!

The little, insignificant choices in life are sometimes the hardest ones to make.  I guess that’s because the right choice is usually pretty obvious on the big, life-changing things.  Fortunately, Hubs and I are usually on the same page with those.  And when we’re not… I hit my knees and ask the Lord for direction, for my heart’s desire is really for my choices to be HIS choices, too.


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