10 on Tuesday


I used to do this a long time ago… I found a website today that has been doing this for quite a while now.  She puts questions up to answer each week.  I thought I might try it!

1. What did you do this weekend?

We travelled to Frisco for a homeschool basketball tournament.  There was a LOT of basketball watching!  And subsequently, there was a lot of whining from the littlest.  We hung out with friends, ate out at amazing places (i.e. I didn’t have to cook), and even squeezed in some relaxation.  On the way home, the big girls and I hit TWO malls for haircuts and shopping!

2. Do you prefer short fingernails or long fingernails?

I keep mine pretty short because my main job is typing.  I can’t stand those super long ones some women have.  I can only imagine the junk that gets under those…

3. What is your favorite use for Pinterest?

Food and home decor with a smattering of clothes. 

4. Do you sleep with your mouth open?


5. Where did you have the best pizza you’ve ever eaten?

Mario’s Pizza, Webster, TX.  They have changed owners over the years and it’s just not the same.  

6. What do you eat for breakfast on weekdays?

Nothing.  But I drink a Diet Dr. Pepper.  Mom/AW, I don’t want to hear it…

7. Do you watch awards shows? Why or why not?

No.  We don’t watch a lot of movies so they just aren’t interesting to me.  The glitz and glamor is lost on me, too.  

8. Can you whistle? Snap? Curl your tongue? Bend down and touch your palms to the ground?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. 

9. What email service do you use?


10. What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Planting flowers and the vegetable garden.  


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