Page 113 Rolls


So apparently we aren’t going to have a winter… but I want to make soup!  And fresh bread!

But there is a small problem.  I’ve never been good at the bread thing.

Except for when I use my bread machine.  Or bake those frozen dough rolls.

Which aren’t bad, by the way.

Y’all.  I have this friend.  She makes REALLY GOOD GREAT rolls.  There’s a recipe she has used FOR YEARS.  She calls them the “Page 113 Rolls” because the recipe is on page 113 of a recipe book our church did once.

Today I wanted to have fresh bread for my family with dinner.  But not the frozen roll kind.  So I pulled up her recipe and talked myself into making the rolls.

Thing is, I’m so bad with the dough thing that I’m starting to think maybe I have a dough-disability.  Gathering the ingredients, I could just smell the dough baking in my oven… the possibilities of a true homemade dinner for my family swam in my head.  Fear nagged at me… or was it the yeast?

After mixing the dough I took a look and was completely deflated.  My dough looked…


I shot off a quick message to my friend…

i am a page 113 failure. i need lessons.

I was not so quick to give up though, so I waited until the dough “doubled in size” and took another look.  While it still didn’t look quite right, I decided to move forward.  Over the next thirty minutes the mess on my counter was… epic.

There was no blood… or sweat… but there were some tears… and possibly some yelling… and I might have even called my mother and told her that she failed me by not teaching me to make bread.  When all else fails, blame your mom, right?

Well, momma… I take it back.

And to my sweet friend… I’m serious about the lessons.  Oh, and can you teach me to make pie crust, too?


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