This picture was taken on this date… five years ago.  To many it won’t seem like much but to me it’s significant.  If I remember correctly it was the last scrapbook retreat that I hosted as a Creative Memories consultant.  It is the last time I retreated to scrapbook.  That makes me so, so, so sad.  I miss those times spent with friends, staying up late, eating way too much junk food, and working on something that meant so much to me.  Being the planner MADE me make time for those things.  But life has gotten busy… and I gave up the selling end of CM… and the need to plan a retreat for my business is no longer there.  When I sit and think of how many scrapbook projects I have left undone it breaks my heart.  I just don’t know how to find the time to get my things in order and get back on the wagon so to speak.  I wish I had a good plan… and the TIME!



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  1. Let’s plan a scrapbooking weekend. I’m behind too. But I just ordered 99 pictures for 99 cents from Snapfish. Don’t ask how much the postage was.

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