Look what I got for Mothers Day


I got to hold a sleeping baby!!!  Totally made my day.  It ranked right up there with the card SuperGirl made for me at school and she actually signed it “SuperGirl.”  My heart melted.  My sister is working nights… so we got to spend Mothers Day with Buddy and R-Bug.  We gave them extra hugs and loves!!

AND I got to take Buddy home with me.  We did lots of stuff.  We started off by watering the garden and picking some vegetables.  He was especially proud of this “corn vegetable” that we picked.  Don’t worry, by the time we got it all washed off he knew it was a “wewwow squash.”  Smart kid.  He even picked a teeny tiny green tomato but we threw it out.  I hope he makes a trip to my house when the tomatoes are ripe and plentiful.  That will be fun.

After a long, lazy nap with SuperGirl we went and played with J and saw horses, puppies, kitties, and bunnies. He declined a ride on the four wheeler… but he about wore the slide out.  Hubs pitched a game of baseball for Buddy and J before we headed back to the house.

I’ve been hanging on to this towel for a number of years now.  I used to hide it from SuperGirl because she was just getting too big for it.  I’d fold it and put it away telling her that we were saving it for when her Auntie M had a baby and then she’d always ask, “IS AUNTIE M PREGNANT?????”  Then she would find the towel and use it and I’d wash the towel again and put it away, a little higher than the time before.  Buddy thought the unicorn towel was hysterical.  I wonder what his daddy thinks…

Buddy talks up a storm.  I’ve never heard a 2-year-old with his vocabulary and memory for detail… and he’s funny, too.  While he was going to sleep in Summer’s room last night he looked up at the ceiling fan and noticed she had stuff hanging down from it.  He said, “Look! A butterfly and a meatball!”  Summer and I looked and cracked up.  There is a blue butterfly hanging there… and a DISCO BALL!

This morning he was playing with one of the PetShop toys that has a fish in it.  He was telling me that it was SuperGirl’s toy and that there was a fish in it.  And then as serious as could be he asked me, “Is it a tarpon?”  I had to Google tarpon.

When I told him that no, it was not a tarpon, but a goldfish, he corrected me saying, “It’s a PINK goldfish.”  Indeed it was.

It’s a shame my sister loves that boy so much… she’s gonna miss him since I’m keeping him forever.  😉


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