On our way home from Relay for Life the other night we came upon an elderly woman who was stranded out on our country road.  It was 12:30 at night.  She was alone.  No cell phone.  And she had a flat tire.

After calling for help and insisting that we stay there with her (she wanted us to go on home and I told her no way!) we learned a little about her.

She was from a small town about 30 minutes away and had made a wrong turn.  She had already been pulled out of a ditch that evening (by the same nice friend of hers who came to her rescue to fix her tire) when she was run off the road. And now she’d had a blowout (no doubt from the accident earlier in the evening) and was driving on just the rim.

She was very concerned that we were out late and not getting home by staying with her.  I explained to her that the reason we were out so late is that we had been walking the Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society.  She told me that she is a 23 year cancer survivor and she walks the Relay for Life in Caldwell every year.  The reason she was out so late was that she was trying to get to Houston to see her son… he is dying of brain cancer.

I’d been wondering if we’d left the Relay too early that night… but it seems we left just in time!  We stayed with her until her friend with the wrecker came to help and then we went on our way.  There were lots of “God bless you’s” and “thank you’s” and of course I told her to drive safely and that I’d be praying for her.  Summer even got a hug…

Summer and I both commented the next morning that we spent a good part of the night thinking about her and praying over her and her son.  I don’t know if she was able to make it down there that night or the next day.  Or how her son is doing.  But God knows.  I guess I’ll just keep on praying for them both.  Her name is Doris if you’d like to pray for her, too.


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