missing our man…


It’s been a rough couple of weeks around here.  Our main man has been working… a lot.  He works so hard to provide for our family and to run his business.  He is also very good about managing his time so that he’s not gone from us too much.  I think maybe it’s because he enjoys our company… or maybe it’s my cooking… or maybe it’s the comfy couch at home… whatever it is, I’m glad he makes us a priority.  But the past few weeks have been especially stressful and busy for him.  It always is with the end or the start of a new project or during bid season.

We’ve all missed him being home in the evenings.  SuperGirl came to me last week and said she hadn’t seen him in a few days.  I didn’t realize it but she had only seen him briefly in the morning before school and then was in bed long before he came home.  That was the night we met up for pizza.  She sat this like the whole time.

She walked alongside him and held his hand.  We sat outside on the bench and she was either in his lap or just standing in front of him.  She loves her dad.

When Hubs has to work late or on the weekends we fire up the Skype.  It’s nice to see his face.  And for some reason, Skype is just kind of fun.  Unless you’re in your jammies and you haven’t brushed your hair or washed your face.  That’s just a little hard for me.

As talkative as SuperGirl is, though, she doesn’t say much on Skype.  It’s like she doesn’t know what to do.  And Summer just stays away.  That’s also strange, because she loves being on video.  So Pickles sat down with him last night as she was heading to bed… just to say goodnight… and catch up a bit.

I am thankful this kind of busyness is just a seasonal thing with his job.  We do just fine when he is busy but boy, do we miss our man!!


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