this is what a Big Girls’ Night In looks like…


While Hubs was dancing the night away with our daughters I designated the evening “Big Girls’ Night In.”  I grabbed a good buddy and planned an evening in.  She showed up in her comfy clothes carrying a pillow and blanket for good measure.  Oh, and she brought scones.  YUM.  First on the agenda was a yummy dinner.  This was picked up and taken home to be eaten in our pajamas.

Next was dessert.  This was also eaten in our pajamas, on the couch.  These were cake bites from Cake Junkie.  They were worth the $20 for a dozen of them.  Wow.  I will not confess as to how many of these we ate.

We spent at least half an hour looking through Netflix for a decent chick flick that we hadn’t both seen a number of times.  So we settled with this one.  It was so-so.

It was so nice to spend a quiet evening at home… curled up on the couch with good food and good company!


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