change in my perspective…


My mood lately has been, well, less than desirable.  Grumpy, moody, selfish, and needy would describe my spirit for the past few days.  Usually I can put the feelings aside and function but life just seems to really be getting me down these days.  All I want to do is hide from the world!

This morning I slept in and it felt great.  I was thinking much of my problem was unrestful sleep.  But when I woke up, Hubs was gone to work – on a Saturday.  At least he had texted me to let me know where he was and that he wouldn’t be long.

Fast forward about two hours and the phone rang.  Hubs was still on the job.  Lots going on and they really needed him.  I NEEDED HIM.  That’s all that kept playing in my mind.  It was another hour or so before he came home and by then I was Mrs. Grumpy Pants.

This attitude spilled over into everything… talking to the kids, managing the kids, doing my own chores, even making a meal for a friend in need.  Nothing felt good and I was headed to a good, messy, nasty cry.  But just when I thought I was going to need to find a corner and bawl my eyes out I sensed God nudging me.

I was in the middle of preparing a meal to deliver to a friend.  I was actually peeling and slicing apples when I started to think about the friend I was preparing the meal for.  She has had a lot of health problems lately and she just had surgery.  God so nicely pointed out that I am very healthy.  My family is healthy.  Making a meal for my friend is a privilege, not a burden, because I have been blessed with a healthy body.

It was here that God directed my heart to two very special people in my life who are in the midst of the uncertainty of being out of work.  Who am I to be grumpy about my husband working on a Saturday?  Sure, he works a lot of hours but his business is thriving and he has a job that provides for our family.

Wow, what a selfish little Mrs. Grumpy Pants I was being today!  I’m so thankful for God’s nudging and direction in the midst of a very selfish morning.  Praying for my friends and their needs really got my focus off of me and back where it needed to be, on the Lord and what He wanted me to do today.  The meal was delivered with a smile and dinner was served to my husband and family with a smile and a grateful heart.  I guess all I needed was a better perspective!


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