While we’re discussing things… let’s go here.

I have three daughters.  We go through a lot of toilet paper.  This drives my husband mad.  But that’s a story for another day.

Usually I use my own bathroom.  It’s for my own sanity, really.  But sometimes I’m just closer to the girls’ bathroom (and I should probably take a look at how horrible the mess is in there) so I use their “facilities.”  And I kid you not, EVERY TIME I GO IN THERE I HAVE TO PUT THE TOILET PAPER ON THE HOLDER.

Do you see how close the empty roll is to the trash can?  I mean, you’re sitting there.  You have nothing else to do.  You went to the effort to get a new roll.  PUT IT ON THE HOLDER!!!

But no.  This, is the holder they choose…


What’s really nice is seeing a roll like this with an empty one right next to it.  Seriously???


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