{i started this blog months ago while sitting in the carpool line. i am thinking i might just finish it up and post it today… since i’m sitting here waiting… in the carpool line. it is amazing what can change in just a matter of months. maybe all we need is a little perspective!}

Life is just not fair.
Our babies grow up too fast.
Homework takes up too much time. {but we are getting faster about it}
There aren’t enough hours in the day. {there never will be}
Bids don’t get won. {and some do}
Good people die.
Teachers don’t give second chances. {but some do}
People don’t admit when they are wrong.
Others never say they are sorry.
Chocolate has too many calories.
Working out requires sweating.
Spelling is hard.
Math is hard.
Reading is hard.
Texas is hot. {and sometimes it is too cold!}
And don’t forget humid.
Everything costs money.
Growing old is inevitable.
Families are too spread out. {and sometimes they move closer!}
People PARK in the pickup line.
And life goes on anyway…

{this blog post was blogged on the run from my iPhone!}


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