>first day of {school}



So the big day arrived.  Everyone got up early and excited.  The first thing SuperGirl said to me was, "Mom, my alarm went off and it’s still dark outside. Should we wait to get up?"  Cute kid.  She has no idea.  I assured her that waiting was not in the cards for us and getting up before the sun was our new reality.  I think that hurt me way more than it did her!  Hubby made pancakes for breakfast.  And we all loaded up in the car to take SuperGirl to school.  She was all dressed up in her new outfit and carrying her new backpack and lunchbox.  Of course we stopped on the front walk to take a picture!


Once we got to the school she got pretty quiet.  She slowly grabbed my hand, which is a sure indicator that she is unsure and nervous.  We walked a little slower, all the way to the back of the school where her class is located.  Mrs. J met us at the door and I tried my hardest to give my girl a big smile and hug before sending her in.  She made it in and I had to hide.  The tears and the ugly cry were all too close to the surface.  Hubby took the camera and walked in to take her picture at her desk.  Mrs. J assured me she would take care of my sweet baby as I told her I really thought I wouldn’t cry like that!!  Summer and Pickles left the hallway.  I guess I was too embarrassing for them. 


We left the school and drove Summer to the high school.  She walked right in, hardly looking back.  All I knew was, I couldn’t wait to get to the end of the day and get my babes back home!  Hubby came home and we went to pick up SuperGirl… waiting in the car riders line was a new experience but we had a few minutes together which was nice.  When we got home, I made SuperGirl chocolate chip cookies.  She asked if I would do it again tomorrow… I assured her I would bake cookies every afternoon if that’s what she wanted!  It didn’t take long for her to get sleepy so she took a little rest before heading out to play with the neighbor.  Later that afternoon she came in and asked if she could make a card for her teacher. It says, "I love you, Mrs. Jordan." I guess today was a-ok in her book…


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