>christmas in august?



While getting ready for our garage sale SuperGirl found this gingerbread house kit in our pantry.  It had been there… for quite some time.  Like maybe a couple of years.


She had the sense to not ask about putting it together until Sunday.  But she asked, and asked, and asked, and asked… until it was too late to do it.


Monday morning she woke up, did her chores, and came to me about 8:00 asking to put it together.  I figured it would be a good little project that she could do to keep her out of my hair while I got some work done.  Besides, it cleared out a nice little spot on the top shelf of my pantry.  So we unloaded the box, gathered supplies, and prepared the foundation for construction. 


Oh, but little did I know… my job was to do the concrete mixing and mortaring.  It was messy… and sticky… and hard to do!  (Of course Hubby came home in the middle of construction and a wall fell.  I tried to pass the buck but that contractor would have nothing to do with our mistakes.)


Once we got the walls up, SuperGirl started the “real work” of placing the roofing “tiles”, doors, and windows. 


I was all too happy to pass the mortaring job on to my apprentice once the foundational pieces were placed.  She was messier than I was but her methods proved effective.


Construction complete!  She even made a snowman for the “scene.”


I guess I can’t ever be accused of not being spontaneous… I mean, how many people do you know who make gingerbread houses in the summertime?


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