>SuperGirl at camp showoffs…



The past week or so has found SuperGirl to be extra talkative, extra needy, and extra on my nerves.  Don’t get me wrong… I love how she talks to me about every little thing that runs through her mind.  And I do mean every little thing.  The trip to Houston to see the RangeRettes dance at the end of camp wasn’t too bad.  She read her new library book to us.  She took a nap.  And she sang Taylor Swift.  LOTS of Taylor Swift.  But when we got to the gym, we had to wait a bit.  We were early and they were running late.   SuperGirl doesn’t wait well.  AT ALL.  She followed me around like a shadow.  The stream of questions and comments was constant and yet entertaining…

How much longer?

When will they start?

What time does it start?

What time is it now?

Why are they late?

Why can’t we sit on the bleachers?

There’s Summer!

Summer!  Summer!  Summer!!!!!

Mom, Summer’s not in this one. 

Mom, Summer’s in this one.

Mom, KM is in this one.

Mom, KM and Summer aren’t in this one. 

There’s Summer!

How much longer?

Mom, I’m hungry.

Do you have any candy?



Can I do the video? 

I’m really good at the video. 

I really want to do the video.

Summer’s not in this dance.

KM is in this one.

Mom, Summer and KM are BOTH in this one!

{and at the final part, where they chose a camp top dancer}

MOM! There are 12 girls in the top 12!!!


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