>Rettes at Camp Show Offs




It’s been a busy summer for Summer.  She had one camp/trip after another for the whole summer.  This week’s camp, RangeRette Jazz Camp was the last camp.  Whew!  I’m glad to have her home even though life most certainly won’t be slowing down any time soon.


At camp they took all kinds of classes like jazz, contemporary, hip hop, and even salsa!  We showed up on the last day to see the dances and cheer our dancers on.  What a fun, energetic  performance it was!  Summer really seemed to enjoy her dances and smiled and bounced on and off the court.  It was nice to see.  She deepened some of her friendships with the Rettes girls during this time, too.  Her roommates couldn’t have been better if I’d handpicked them for her.  When they weren’t dancing or eating they were dancing some more. 


Camp really brought the team together.  I can’t wait to see them dance this football season. 


The camp gave out ribbons to girls who showed a great attitude and those who worked really hard in their classes.  It was called the Star Dancer award… My sweet Summer girl got one… and she said they tried to give her two!  I’m proud of this girl.  And it’s a joy to see her so excited about this new adventure we call drill team!



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